Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Days 3 & 4

So day 3 was the first day I had to begin "teleworking" since the university is technically open to assist students and faculty as we try to keep the spring semester (and as many functions as possible) going.  At this point, it's a lot of answering questions and troubleshooting.  For example, one of my staff members is responsible for getting the next term's schedule published but we're having a terrible time with the program that handles scheduling and we need to get the fall schedule published ASAP because fall registration starts in mid-April whether we are on campus or not.  Anyway, here is my work setup in my room:

Jason is working at our family PC because there are 2 monitors and he is able to dock his work laptop there.  I understand why 2 monitors is helpful when you're doing software development.  In this photo you see my work laptop on the left and my Chromebook on the right.  Often, I need to reference something on a university website while I am doing setup in our system so using my Chromebook as the reference is helpful and almost like having double monitors in my office.  I squeezed in a mid-afternoon BodyPump class in the basement because all my emails stopped and I didn't have anything immediate that needed to be done.

As for the kids on day 3 - we didn't let them sleep in and the younger two got outside for most of the morning but then came inside and played video games or did video chat with friends.  I know there will be a lot of screen time while we're all home, but I just hope to be able to minimize it some.  All three are staying on top of whatever comes up on the internal school system - which isn't much.  We finished the day making Miso Udon Noodle soup.  Just trying to keep our days as "normal" as possible.  

Day 4 started just like day 3 - work to be done for Jason and I.  Had to ask Jason to turn the heat back on as it goes down automatically when we aren't here.  Ha!  When you're sitting still at a laptop, it gets chilly quickly.  St. Patrick's Day started off pretty overcast and chilly, but the sun came out by the afternoon.  Work got slow mid-morning so I did a BodyFlow class.  It felt good to stretch and BREATHE deeply.  I really should have gotten out for a walk while the sun was out but just didn't feel like it as I am just so conflicted about my work responsibilities.  I want to be available but that means sitting and staring at my email waiting for something to come in.  I have a few things I can do, but I also know there will be plenty of time to do them.  

As for the kids - I feel bad for them.  Yesterday, Piper didn't want to do much of anything and I understand.  Bryce got out in the morning and then played video games for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  It took him the entire day to his laundry because he kept forgetting it.  I took the kids out for Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds after dinner and that helped a little.  

I am trying to give the kids some time to sort of get used to our slow pace.  I want them to do some "thinking" time each day whether that's reading, watching something educational or working with a science kit (we have many).  But I also know that much of it will need to be at their own pace since both Jay and I need to work.  This is very frustrating, but I also know how lucky we are to have a home with ample space, plenty of food, salaries, and nearby neighbors so that we aren't completely cut off from human contact.  

I'm expecting that we'll be hearing soon from the governor (since the president is pretty much a waste in this) of what the long term plan is.  The two weeks they initially announced was just to buy them time.  Other states have announced 6-8 weeks of schools being closed and social distancing so I expect Maryland will be doing the same. And I am okay with that - it let's us all sort of get comfortable and plan.  We'll see...

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kestrel said...

Covid-19 has changed the working environment like no other. After this, I do predict some companies will be more comfortable with staff working from home as these 2 months have showed it is feasible. We are also doing lot more video conferencing, but I admire how both of you can do the work and keep the kids entertained. GOOD job