Monday, March 16, 2020

COVID-19 - Our New Normal - Days 1 & 2

I figured now is as good a time as any to wake this blog back up.  Since we know we'll be social distancing for many weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to document our days.  I'm sure we'll be telling our grandkids about this....

Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, the state closed schools at the end of the day this past Friday for two weeks and my institution has all of us "teleworking" for a few weeks.  Jason's employer has also said to telework until at least April 3.  It's going to be a lot longer.  I'll be surprised if we are back before May 1.

We have taken the precautions seriously as are my parents and Jason's parents.  Aside from taking some food to my mom's briefly yesterday, that was our only outing this weekend.  Thank goodness it's mid-March and the weather is starting to turn so the kids can go outside.  Grateful for sunshine even on a cool day.

We had gone to Costco last Tuesday evening and they were fully stocked - it was a pleasant experience.  Very different than when I dropped in quickly on Thursday for one item.  It was right after the governor had announced schools would be closing and state agencies basically shutting down so the place was a madhouse.  I also had already scheduled a Peapod delivery on Saturday morning so we crossed our fingers that they had everything.  They did.

So we are well stocked with food and supplies and with no need to go anywhere.  I canceled my gym classes and massage over the weekend.  I also cancelled Piper's planned sleepover too.  Just trying to do our part to prevent the spread.

The kids have a checkup with our new dentist on Thursday afternoon which I think we'll still go to and I have a dermatology appointment on Friday morning which I think I will keep as well.  Neither of those people draw sick people and I know they will be using precautions and we will wash our hands/not touch our faces too.  A far cry from a crowded restaurant.  😁

I'm proud of the kids so far with getting outside and keeping busy beyond just electronics.  I know it's early but we are adjusting.  Last night all five of us were in the family room (not that common these days!) and we laughing about stupid things as the girls and I worked on a new puzzle.

We'll need to enjoy each other's company to get through this.  But we will get through it. I would say our spirits are fairly high right now.  We are trying to think of things to occupy ourselves.  Trying to make sure Bryce doesn't eat all the food and that kids aren't on devices too much.  Boredom hasn't set in yet - I know it's coming.  But for now, I will enjoy that it's still novel.  Ha.  Novel. 

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