Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Time Blues

I get this way EVERY mid-June.  I really need to go back and find more examples.  While all the teachers and all the kids (and probably a lot of moms) are sooooo excited about summer finally being here and the crazy schedule of the school year on hiatus, I get sad.  This is really the only time of the year I have working mom guilt and really wish I didn't have to go to work.  But it's not just that.  It's also that the end of yet another school year means that my kids are a year older and it realize how quickly it's going.  It's especially hard when my kids had a wonderful school year and I'm sad to be leaving those fantastic teachers behind and have worries that they will lose their momentum or not have as great of a year next year.  (Yes, I'm an advocate of year round school since I know "year round" does not truly mean they are in school year round. But obviously that is not going to change any time soon around here...and I digress.)  Strangely, I'm also sad that with summer here, I won't be getting my kids up and to school each morning for a bit.  As stressful as it is sometimes to get all four of us out the door by 7:30, I realize that it wasn't so bad and I am going to miss it.  I'm going to miss our morning drives to school and hugging/kissing them as I drop them off.

I am looking forward to seeing Caroline in fifth grade next year and all the exciting things that come with being a fifth grader but I also see it as her last year in the "safety" of the sweetness that is elementary school.

I'm looking forward to seeing Bryce in third grade where he will start to get "real" grades for the first time but that always worries me because I know how hard of a time Caroline had transitioning to third grade.  But we are prepared as parents this time, at least.  I just know Bryce has a hard time with changes.

I'm looking forward to seeing Piper as a first grader doing what her siblings would call "real" work but I also am sad that my baby will have the cute, fuzziness of kindergarten behind her.

This summer should be fun too.  My mom will continue with her usual Mondays (Mondays with Bertie!) and I know she's really missed them this school year as it was her first time she hadn't seen my kids on a weekly, child care basis since, well, we had kids!   And then the other four days we will have a off for the summer teacher coming to the house to supervise/entertain them.  (I don't like calling it babysitting since they truly are not babies and they can do so much for themselves including hurt one many adding refereeing to her responsibilities?)

I just need to get into that summer swing of things where I get to leave a little earlier from work because I don't have to drop the kids off in the mornings (cry) and we spend our long evenings outside enjoying the warmth.

But don't mind me....just wait for me to get sad again in August when I'm stressing about a new school year starting and how I'll handle all the fall schedules again after taking it easy all summer.

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Anonymous said...

Just going through my "favorites" on work computer and decided to see when your last entry was made :-)
The pictures definitely don't capture the kids now. Lots of changes and another school year nearing the end.
They're great kids! Looking forward to Mondays with Bertie and sometimes adding Sivert to the mix! It'll be fun.
You've got this!