Monday, June 09, 2014

I Must Blog

It's been almost 6 months since I felt compelled to throw a blog entry up here.  I have had so many moments where I've wanted to blog but I just haven't actually done it.  I blame social media and the ease of things like Facebook and Instagram to post quick photos and funny little updates about the kids.  However, I feel those mediums lack the ability to emote which is why I think "real" blogging is still a great outlet.  So with that, I guess I'll post some updates especially since I was laying in bed last night thinking about how old my kids are and almost crying.

So here are some random updates with a bunch of thoughts thrown in:

Piper read a book to me last night.  READ A BOOK.  It was a level 1 reader and based on the description on the back, she really should be at a pre-level 1 based on what she's done in class.  But I let her have a go at it since it has those little pictures embedded in the text for the words she clearly wouldn't know. (Um, Crystal Kingdom?? Ha!)  Based on knowing Piper and how she can sometimes be with her homework, I was sure she'd wear out after a few pages because she was really working hard to read and sound out words.  But she didn't.  I kept encouraging her and helping her to sound things out and she kept on motoring through.  I was so very proud and told her what a hard worker she is.  She was tickled.  But then last night as I was laying in bed thinking about it.... I realized something.  My days of reading to my kids at bedtime are numbered.  And that makes me sad.  For 10 years I've been reading to my kids and for 10 years I've had nights where I didn't feel like doing it but other nights where I was so happy to.  We no longer read to Caroline and while we still read to Bryce (Jay is reading Tolkein to him and I'm reading the Redwall series to him), it's not the cute storybooks anymore.  All the storybooks have made their way into Piper's room and with her reading, it means it won't be long until she no longer wants those "baby" books in her room. (As Caroline called them.)

I also had the realization recently that I no longer have little kids.  Piper is almost 6 and with that, she is no longer truly little.  Tears.  When I talk about my kids to people they are true "kids" and not little kids.  I have all elementary aged kids.  And don't get me wrong, I don't miss all the tethers of having little kids (naps, car seats, baby food, completely supervised play), I'm just sad at the realization of how fast they are growing.

Caroline is almost done with fourth grade and with that she'll begin fifth grade in August.  Okay, well, duh, fifth comes after fourth but fifth grade is the verge of scariness to me.  Scary.  Having kids in elementary school is so comforting.  They are in this great environment where they all have the same specials teachers and see the same things going on.  But after next year, that alllll changes and I will never have all 3 kids in one school again.  And not only does that change but Caroline will be in the dreaded middle school.  I can't even utter those words without getting a bad taste in my mouth.  It's not the actual school per se, but the notion of middle school in general.  Even the "good" ones are tough.  It's just a bad age.  And I am not looking forward to it.  The drama, the angst, the emerging teenage-ness of it all.  Caroline already had attitude and thinks she knows it all and has had some drama so I worry about how we'll guide her in these tough years.  I worry about my connection to her and how to help her navigate her social world when it has changed so drastically since I was a kid.  Even if we don't allow her much social media access via websites and a phone, her friends will have them.  And that's so stress inducing for me!  And while I know Jay and I are fairly savvy when it comes to technology, teenage trends with apps and such move faster than the speed of sound it seems.

Bryce seems to be my most stable kid at the moment.  I should worry that I even said that because I am sure it will incite some oddity to happen or for him to start going through a phase.  When you have more than a couple kids, I think one of them is always going through something (Piper seems the phasey one at the moment.)  He's finishing up another season of baseball and has shown marked improvement.  He and Jay do that together and I love seeing them on the field together.  They clearly are very close and I hope they always are.  He's shown a lot of improvement in school this year although we really have to keep on him about trying his best and not just doing the bare minimum.  If anything is going to get him into trouble academically, I think that will be it.  He has a good mind for mathematics and it's obvious how much he hates showing his work when he can figure things out without doing any work.  His reading has really come along and he finally finished Harry Potter (1) on his own and has moved onto HP2.  This is a big deal for him as someone who didn't like to read in the beginning of the year.  We continued to urge him to practice to make it easier and then tried helping him to find things he likes.  Here's hoping we can keep him reading this summer.

As for Piper's phase, she's become very needy lately.  We've always deemed her "Piper Cry Cry" since she seems so easy to cry about things but lately it's been tough.  She wakes up at least once every night and will usually complain about some random body part hurting.  At first we were alarmed and now we don't believe her and either send her back to bed with nothing or a placebo dose of Tylenol.  She also seems to always have an ache, pain, cut, itchy spot to complain about.  It's like she's a little old lady....which is funny since she calls ME an old lady sometimes.  She's still pretty cute and I don't want to lose that little girl in her too soon.

Caroline has excelled in fourth grade and her new school.  She has a few good friends and we make a point to get them together outside of school from time to time.  She was on tech crew for the school's musical and I think she may be comfortable enough to try out to be in the actual play next year.  I'd really love if she'd find out how to get on the school newspaper club too because she loves to write and even has made up her own little family newspaper on the computer before.  What drama we have had with a particular girl this year has been mild now in hind site but it wasn't without some lessons learned.

And that's all about all I have to say at the moment.  I really do want to start blogging again more frequently....and yes, I need to change my header!

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Unknown said...

I was just thinking/wondering yesterday how your kids were doing. I hadn't seen you update on the blog and figured it was done. Then tonight I was on Pinerest and saw all of your pins for what looks like a Frozen party and clicked to see if you had any posts on the blog and BAM there it was!

It is hard when your kids grow up. I love my kids the age that they are and the mature adults they have become, but I find lately that it brings me down. I miss my babies! (maybe, it is a midlife crisis-lol) I will have to wait until the day I become a grandmommy! I want that more than you know-just not now. LOL