Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Caroline is 10

Happy 10th Birthday, Caroline!!

I know, I never blog anymore.  I look at it from time to time and feel terrible about not blogging.  I'll even have a passing thought to blog about and then feel guilty that I've neglected for so long that I a silly little post isn't worth it.  Anyway...

Today you are TEN.  10!!  How?  You were just a baby.  You were my baby.  And then Bryce came along and you had to turn into a kid.  I always have felt bad about that.  Like I really didn't get to enjoy you enough and that sometimes our expectations of you are a little high.

You are temperamental, creative, and intelligent.  I'd call you a dreamer with a healthy imagination.  You love to read and write and I can't keep you in books because you read them so quickly.  You are also your father's daughter in ways I am learning all the time.  You sometimes do things and your father will look at me and say, "I used to do things like that."  Frustrating doesn't cover it sometimes but I know that's just you.  You struggle with organization at times but when you know that push comes to shove you can make your room look stellar.  Perhaps that's why I get so frustrated with you because I know how capable you are and you sometimes choose not to be.

I think you have a hard time being the oldest.  I know it's hard having two younger siblings that talk CONSTANTLY so that you would rather just be quiet than try and talk over them.  Your father and I know how important alone time is with you and we make efforts to talk to you alone as much as possible without the squawk boxes chiming in.  We love to hear the things you have to say and you always have an interesting way of looking at situations.  You are my most introverted child and don't always seek out hugs like your siblings and sometimes get railroaded by their boisterousness.  I wish there was a way to mute them for you.  You can be very patient with them and I love to see how your relationship with Piper is growing.  She looks up to you and emulates you more than you realize.  I hope that you will always be close and I love how you and Bryce still have that early sibling bond since neither of you remembers life without the other.

I love that you still hold my hand in public and that you look up to me even though I can't always understand why.  I love that you're not overly concerned with seeming older or acting grown up and that's just how 10 years old should be.

I am so excited for you because you are having your first sleepover party this weekend to celebrate your birthday.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of your friends in one place!  It might be a little crazy, but I think it will be a lot of fun.

With such a milestone birthday as 10, it makes me realize how quickly the time is passing and how your childhood is mostly over.  Sniff.  You will be thinking about college before I know it and I will have to let you go.  I love you to pieces and I'm so proud.  All the younger neighbor kids adore you and look up to you as the big kid.  Babies love you too and you've earned the nick name "baby whisperer" from our neighbors and your aunt!  You cannot get enough of babies and I am amazed at how they are so taken with you.

So happy birthday, Caroline!  Please don't grow up too fast.  Being 10 is still a kid and I want you to enjoy that for as long as you can.


I was hoping to do some sort of photo montage but we have had a computer meltdown of sorts.  All of our photos and such are backed up on an external drive but we can't currently access them since we don't have computer to hook them to.

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Mom said...

You may not have blogged for a long time but I haven't read anything here for a long time either! Dad is the one who reads your blog :-)
Your remark about Bryce coming along and feeling guilty about amount of time with Caroline is just how I felt when Chrissa was only 16months old when Kevin was born. I've always felt guilty about her not getting the time that I think she deserved. Maybe it's what made her so independent but I still feel guilty about that. :-(