Friday, October 04, 2013

Pierced Piper

On Sunday we had an impromptu mall trip with my two neighbor friends.  We decided to make it a girls only day since the men wanted to watch football so I took my girls along with Bella, Piper's BFF.  We took baby Bradley along too but he's only 4 months old and doesn't "count" as a kid yet.

While we were there, I had a though - why not get Piper's ears pierced?  She has been asking off and on for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity since Bella was with us (and she has hers pierced which was one of the reasons that Piper has recently started asking).  When I asked her she started jumping up and down - she was so excited.  

We headed over to Piercing Pagoda since that is where Caroline had hers pierced and I liked it.  However, in four years, they had greatly increased their prices and my hope of getting Piper the same earrings (with her birthstone) were dashed when I saw the $55 price tag.  Um, what.  I was just about to pull back and head up to Claire's when I saw these pink, crystal starts for a much more reasonable price.  Caroline and I easily persuaded Piper to pick those - she really did like them - and we were set.  

Piper climbed into the chair and was all smiles.  I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best because THIS was where Caroline's piercing went downhill.  

But, she continued doing great!  She sat very still while the woman marked her ears.

She seemed fine as she waited for them to get set to pierce them both at the same time but I could tell by the look on her face she was very nervous.  She didn't say a thing but sat there quietly looking nervous but didn't once say a word.  The two women did the piercing at the same time and in a flash, it was done.  I thought she would want to look at her ears right away, but she didn't.  She got out of the chair really fast and came right over to me where I was kneeling down and she buried her head into my shoulder and we just hugged.  I rubbed her back and told her how proud I was and that she was so brave.  Caroline and the other two moms thought she was crying but it just looked that way.  I whispered to her, "Do you want to see your ears?"  At first she said no but then it kind of registered and she quickly put her head up and looked right in the mirror!  A huge smile spread across her face and she was fine although I could tell she was still processing it all.  She wasn't that interested in the stickers or lollipop like her sister hadn't been either.

We got home a little later and she was so excited to show everyone.  She showed Jason and all of our neighbors and then called my mom to tell her.  She was so proud!  Then later she asked me to take her photo again with her sticker:

So now we're in the cleaning and turning phase of the ear piercing.  I reminded Piper not to be touching her ears since her fingers are probably dirty and we don't want them to get infected.  So on Monday, I got home from work and she runs up to me and says, "Mommy, a whole bunch of kids at school were touching my ears!"  I didn't really believe her because who touches ears, but I also know that when my sister was in pre-K she broke her arm and the teacher made a point to tell the kids not to push her and then they all did.  (Famous Chrissa story!)  I didn't think much more about it until last night when she was getting out of the tub and said, "Hey mommy, remember how I told you all those kids were touching my ears?  Well, you know who those kids were?  ME!!"  I guess she had been touching her ears a lot (which you would understand/expect) and felt guilty about it so she made up a story.  Not quite the truth but it did make me laugh to know she felt guilty about touching her ears.

Thankfully, they look great so far and I'm looking forward to seeing her get some earrings for Christmas this year.  I know she can't wait until Thanksgiving to be able to change them!

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