Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seriously, BCPS?

Why in 2013 when most children have attended preschool or daycare before kindergarten do the schools feel it is necessary to do "gradual entry" for kindergarten???  In a day and age when a lot of people work this just seems like the most ridiculous thing to me.  Obviously we just got our schedule for Piper's first week of kindergarten and unfortunately they handle kindergarten entry almost exactly like our old school did.  School starts on Monday, August 26 here and here is her schedule:

Monday:  No school
Tuesday: Meeting with teacher and parents at 10:30-10:45
Wednesday: No school
Thursday: Partial day 9:30-2pm (normal day is 9:15-3:45)
Friday: Normal day - she can finally ride the bus

WTH?  UGH!  I am so over this.  I was talking to my neighbors about it because two of them are school teachers and they know that they won't be able to take off and they aren't sure what they'll do.  My brother and his wife, for example, they are BOTH teachers.  Teachers can't take off the first week of school.  Never mind the fact that it's the first week of classes for me and it's probably the worst time for me to have to take off.   My neighbor who is a third grade teacher believes it's more for the school than it is for the kids.  The kids will be fine.  Thank goodness that Piper is on the Tues/Thurs schedule because my mom is off on Mon/Wed and can watch her.  But that means I will be going in super late on that Tuesday (plus the fact that I have to work until 8pm the night before thanks to orientation that I have to attend) and then I have to go in late on that Thursday because the kindergartners start AFTER the other kids and are not allowed to ride the bus.  Jason is taking a half day to pick her up.  Again....WTH?  Every single other parent I've talked to (and there are 5 kindergartners in my new neighborhood this year) are all unhappy about it.  The first week of school is already chaos with adjusting to the schedule again and this makes it worse.

Aside from all that, I'm trying to decide which mornings I will let the older kids ride the bus in the morning and which days I will start them at the before-care program.  I want them to ride the bus in the morning so the bus driver knows that they will ride the bus in the morning only occasionally (the secretary at the school told me to do this) and always in the afternoons.  But I also want them to get acclimated to the before-care program/schedule too.  Grrrrr.

Oh and my days of attending two back to school nights has begun.  Our ES is so big that they split it over two nights with the primary grades on one night and the intermediate on the other. I will be like this until Bryce and Piper are in high school and Caroline is in college so I guess I need to get used to it.  When Piper is in 5th, Bryce in 7tth, and Caroline in 9th, I will get to go to three so I am counting down waiting for that!

Not that I'm not happy school is starting.  Quite honestly, this summer has been tough given the very rainy weather we've had.  I think the kids have swam less than they ever have.  And while I've been grateful for all the help we've had this summer between my mom, my FIL, my brother and Moira, I'm looking forward to a more constant schedule.  Not sure what we'll be doing next summer for childcare but I'm thinking we may be going the nanny route.  I'd love to do some periodic camps (not all summer...I cannot afford that!) but I'd need someone who could drive them and/or pick them up.   Or maybe I just need to put them in daycare.  (Insert evil laugh here)  I've threatened it on their bad behavior days and sometimes I think it might be better.  But I'm not going to worry myself with that right now.  There will be plenty of time when it's nice and cold outside.

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