Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Sorry Blog, It's Summer

Man, I've really neglected the old blog.  It's not that I haven't had things to write about, I just haven't had time to sit down and write.  Heck, I barely remember to go down in the basement and upload photos from my camera.  And that's when I take photos with the camera!  Usually it's with my phone but thank goodness I use DropBox which uploads them to an account so they are always at my finger tips.  So here are a random smattering of photos to tell you what we've been up to:'s most of the crew (Bryce wouldn't get in the shot) and with none of the recently born babies.  We spend a lot of time with our new neighbors and it's been truly wonderful.  They say a lot of Americans don't know their neighbors anymore and spend a lot of time indoors watching TV.  Kids who like to play outside definitely make it easier to get to know your neighbors and I'm grateful we have a lot of like minded families.  We have been getting together weekly for a group meal and then hang out most other nights too just letting the kids play.

Playground is here!  If this freaking weather would ever improve, maybe Jason would finish getting the playground together.  Sigh.  GRRRR!  I am done with rain!  It needs to be together by Piper's birthday party!

This was taken Friday night during our non-kid hangout with the neighbors.  Pretty rainbow!  Across the street from our neighborhood is an FOP lodge.  A few of the guys checked it out over Father's Day - they serve cheap food and drinks so we all went over when a few of us were without kids for the night.  It was a lot of fun and then we came back and did what we do best...sit on someone's patio!

New furniture is coming!!  Jason and I finally made it to the furniture store and picked out this set for the living room.  I am so excited!  We're getting the sofa and loveseat along with a coffee table, end table, and sofa table (in black). Delivery date is set for Friday!!

Here's my living room right now.  We got the ceiling fan up this weekend.  Now I just need an area rug.

And the biggest news of all (for Caroline, anyway), she officially has braces!  I'm guessing most kids would not be so happy about it but Caroline couldn't wait.  She says they make her feel so grown up.  And this morning she came into my bathroom and couldn't stop smiling at herself in the mirror.  "I love my smile with braces!"  She smiles at everyone to show them.  They hurt a little last night and this morning but she doesn't care - she loves having them.  (And apparently there are few pages in her American Girl Body Book about braces too so that is exciting for her.)  It's like she feels like she joined a special club or something.  I know she's not always going to love them but I'm glad she's so positive about them right now.  Technically though, these aren't the "real" braces.  These are "pre-braces" braces.  She's only got 8 adult teeth at the moment and these serve to help guide these teeth in her newly expanded palette.

I'm happy she's so happy about it and feeling so confident.

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jason said...

Dropbox is full. You should purge some of those old photos in there. Taking up valuable space.