Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All Set

After what feels like a bazillion visits and pieces of paperwork, my kids are officially registered and enrolled at our new elementary school.  This morning's last visit was a reading screening for Bryce and Caroline.  (Piper's kindergarten screening was last week.)  The bonus to all this is that we got to find out who their teachers will be!  (I guess all the other kids won't find out until they mail them out on August 2.)

Although I'm not sure if it really matters that we know since we don't know many people at the new school yet.  However, the reading specialist who screened them prefaced her assignments to these particular teachers as though Caroline and Bryce were "super lucky" to be getting such great teachers.  I'm sure she always says that.  She said Bryce's teacher has the best room in the whole school so we'll see what that means at the "Peek at your Seat" event the Friday before school starts.  Caroline's teacher will be her teacher for homeroom and reading/writing and then she'll have someone else for math and science/social studies.  This is new for us since at our old school Caroline mostly had the same teacher for all her subjects.

We came right home from the screening and went to the website to look up our new teachers on the website and found them.  Caroline was excited to see she didn't have an "old" teacher like she thinks Bryce's is.  (Bryce's teacher does not look that old to me!)  Thankfully, neither Caroline nor Piper's teachers look ridiculously young like Caroline's teacher was last year and since they were all pictured last year, none of them are first year teachers.  Whew.  That was a bit tough last year.  Even though it ended up okay, there were many moments when having a "been there, done that teacher" would have been helpful to both Caroline and to us.  Not that she wasn't a good teacher, I just think a few years experience will make her teaching even better.

So now the countdown is month from Friday!  Eek!  I already downloaded the school supply lists and have toyed with the idea of getting started on them.  Three lists is a bit ridiculous.  I seriously am going to have to buy a pack of like 48 glue sticks.  I kid you not.  Thankfully the county changed policy a few years back and schools cannot require you to purchase things like tissues, hand sanitizer, wipes, or plastic bags and they can only add that they can be "donated."  I didn't like being told I had to bring in hand sanitizer as I don't believe in the stuff and rarely ever use it on my kids (if ever).  I'll do my typical donation of disinfectant wipes and plastic bags and probably some tissues if the teacher didn't get enough.  But I really need to find a big old package of glue sticks.  Holy heck!  Oh and I'll need to find somewhere to store them because, OMG, that's a LOT of school supplies, y'all.

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Lisa said...

I sympathize with you on the supplies. With having 3 kids it was a never ending ordeal. I always bought way more than I needed to have on hand for those nights when you are tucking them in and they remember that they need a supply! Last minute of course. I think I probably still have spiral notebooks and my last has been out of school for a year! Although, they still use notebooks for college.