Monday, July 08, 2013

A Four Day 4th

It was a wonderfully long 4th of July weekend!  With the 4th falling on a Thursday, the University closed on Friday as a (awesome) courtesy and then Jason took off, so we had a full 4 days of fun.  Wednesday night literally started with a bang as we got together with our neighbors for some fun!  A few of the men had ventured to PA to get some fireworks that you can't get in MD (ahem) and the kids were jazzed.  (We decided to set them off on Wednesday night because the guy who had the bulk of them couldn't be there until much later on the 4th.)  Here are the kids all set up for watching.....a little early.  So they snacked on popsicles, played, used Sparklers and ran around like crazy people.  My neighbor got a great idea on Pinterest to make t-shirts too which turned out awesome.

It was actually my kids' first time using Sparklers.  I've always been too worried about them burning them but  before I knew it, they all had them in their hands.  They were very careful and loved them.

The fireworks that everyone set off were pretty great.  They had a bunch of ground based ones and things like Roman Candles which were really cool.  But they had a lot of "real" ones too and it was so great seeing a real show in your own backyard.  Clearly a LOT of people venture to PA for fireworks because over the course of the weekend we couldn't believe the other shows we saw too.

It was really a fantastic night and Caroline kept saying what a fun night it was.  I couldn't have agreed more.  My kids all slept in on Thursday morning and I took the time to prepare some food for the day we would be spending over at my mom's.  It was SOO hot so it was especially nice to know we'd get to spend the day in the pool.  Here's Bryce in his t-shirt he made:

It was a perfect pool day!  It was just us, my parents, my IL's and my sister and Will.  Just right.  Great food, great swimming, and HOT summer weather...just what the 4th of July should be.

Later in the evening, we went back home and my parents joined us for more festivities with the neighbors.  There were still some fireworks left and my dad brought his legal, MD ones to set off for the kids.  Everyone was happy.  Here's Caroline cuddling up with Bella - I think she wants to adopt Caroline as her big sister.

The kids were exhausted and were practically asking to go to bed that night and then slept in the next day again.  Friday was set to be a busy day with Jay and I getting things done but the most exciting part for me was that my living room furniture arrived!  I was so happy!  It looks great.  I just need to get some things hung on the wall along with (eventually) getting a space rug for the area.  I keep coming down the steps now and getting surprised by the furniture sitting there.  Ha!

In the middle of the afternoon, my neighbor called to invite us to go swimming at her sister's pool in the same neighborhood where my mom lives.  It's a big in ground pool with a diving board and the kids were so excited to spend the afternoon with their friends.  They swam themselves out and we had a quiet evening when we returned.  They also finally got to do their "camp in" down in the basement.  Jason set up the tent and we put their sleeping bags inside and they settled down and watched a movie.  We actually thought it might work because they turned the TV off when the movie was over and it got quiet.  But not 10 minutes later they came up and all three of them ended up back in their beds.

Saturday morning I took the kids for haircuts and then we went up to Jason's aunt's house in Cecil County for his cousin's graduation party.  They also have a nice pool and the kids swam all afternoon again.  It was a nice day spent with Jason's family and the kids wore themselves out again.  YAY!

Sunday finally came and with Sunday here it meant it was time to do chores. We finally got the girls fairy netting hung over their beds and Jason hung a few more shelves and photos.

The girls went out to play with neighbor friends while my brother came and got Bryce and went to my mom's for a swim.  Jay and I and the girls went over in time for dinner and then our neighbors brought their kids over for a dip.  It was raining a little but the storm mostly passed us and we had about an hour of swimming. It had cooled off significantly though from how hot it was earlier in the day but it was still a lot of fun. It was so nice of my parents to open their doors to our friends and have everyone swim.  My parents really have such a nice deck/pool for entertaining and I love that they love to share it.

As a final nice treat to the weekend, the kids spent the night at my mom's since she was going to have them today anyway.  Jason and I got to go home, watch True Blood in peace and wake up and have quiet mornings.  I guess after having such a great weekend it makes it harder to go back to work today but I really cannot complain.  It was great in every way and even though I'm tired today, it's for good reason.  There's still a lot of summer left!

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