Friday, July 19, 2013

13th Anniversary #Fail

I am not one of those people that expects their anniversary to be wonderfully romantic or sentimental.  Jay and I really don't even exchange cards or gifts.  Sometimes we'll mark the occasion by going out to dinner but not always.  For our 10th anniversary, we went away for 2 nights to National Harbor which is the only time we've really only trip we've ever taken without kids.  We have very low, if any expectations of the day.  So with Piper's birthday party the day before and our anniversary falling on a Monday, obviously we were both pretty spent on our actual anniversary.  Again, no expectations but it would have been nice to have had a few minutes to talk.  Enter 3 grumpy, difficult children.

From the time we got home from work it was a tough evening.  Caroline had spent the day with my MIL watching the twins so only Bryce and Piper were there for dinner but that didn't make it any easier.  They complained.  They argued.  It was just one of those tough meals.  And then Caroline got home and she had had a wonderful day.  She was so proud of herself for helping Nana all day with the babies and we were happy to hear all of that, but she quickly turned whiny and grumpy herself.

Jason and I both had just had it.  We were tired from all the prep from the weekend and it was hot.  The kids were making us crazy.  Getting them to bed that evening proved harder than usual and by the time they were finally quiet, the night was over and we both just wanted to go to bed after getting our usual nightly chores done.  I think we barely had the time to say much of anything to each other without being interrupted by some kid drama.

Not all nights are like this, truly and while no night with kids is ever perfect, most are better than this.  Blah.

So we put the day behind us and chalked it up to another day in the life with three school aged children.  (Yes, we have three school aged children now!)  I label this post as #fail only because of the frustration and not because Jason did anything wrong.  It's not too much to ask to spend a few kid drama few moments with your spouse on your anniversary, is it?  But, we have many years ahead of us and I know we'll make up for all these crazy years someday and miss these moments too.

Jason did end up surprising me though with a small Android tablet as a gift though even though we've discussed that we don't need to give each other anything.  I made the comment about how much I hated rummaging through my recipe box and how almost all of my recipes are online and printing them seems like such a waste of paper.  I've used his tablet a few times to read recipes instead of printing them and I said someone should invent a recipe tablet.  I guess technically it doesn't need to be for just recipes though.  Now I will have Pinterest (and all my recipes) at my fingertips any time I need them.  :)  Thank you, Jason!  You get me, you really truly do.

Edited to add:  I just looked back at last year's anniversary and it seems this year's may have been better because we were all sick last year.  Maybe mid-July just isn't a good time for anniversaries.  

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Heather said...

What tablet did you get??? I so need one of those!
Happy Anniversary (I am a little late on catching up on the blog!).