Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Summery Weekend

What a nice, hot, summery weekend!  Not as busy as last weekend but that's a good thing.  Friday night even though it was pretty hot, we decided to stay home and let the kids play in the sprinkler.  A few neighbor kids ended up coming over and Jason and I each hung out with different neighbors.  Beers with neighbors seems to be a theme.  Saturday we got some more things done around the house in the morning and then I took the kids for the first swim of the summer over at my mom's.

It figures that I bought Piper two new suits at Target that morning and what does she do?  She pulls them out of her beach bag leaving behind only her 3/4T suits that do NOT fit her.  I didn't realize it until we got to my mom's so she wore one of Caroline's old size 6 suits that were a little big on her, but she still had fun.  They swam from 1pm until 8pm!  Jason and I had plans to visit some friends in Towson so the kids stayed for dinner and swimming with my parents while we went out.  It was a nice evening and we weren't out too late since we didn't want to abuse our babysitters.  :)  I played beer pong for the first time in over 15 years!  

Sunday morning there was a lot of excitement because our neighbor friend, Bella, was having her 5th birthday party.  It was a big family/neighbor party and it was going to be nice just to hang out and not worry about driving anywhere.  The kids played in the bounce house and on the slip and slide while we hung with our neighbors.  Lots of laughs!  The rain didn't stop the fun either and we moved the fun to a neighbor's garage while the kids had a blast with water guns and squirt bottles.  I played beer pong again with my neighbor, Jamie (Bella's mom) and we won 5 games in a row beating everyone else in the 'hood.  Clearly, I had a talent I didn't know about.  Who knew???  8pm came much too quickly and we all settled down and went to bed.

Hard to believe that school will be out next week!  I got the kids signed up and registered for before care at their new school for the fall too.  All that's left is getting our old school to send the transfer documents to our new school (and then to provide residency documentation) and we'll be all set.  I'm a little nervous about Caroline and Bryce transitioning to a new school and wondering how they'll determine placement.  (@Erin - how did they determine which class Ben would be in?  Both my kids are doing GT/Pace work and I want to make sure they are put with other kids at their same achievement level.)


Katie said...

Whats up w the ads on your blog? No likey.

Erika said...

I turned them on when I was playing around, didn't like them and then couldn't figure out how to turn them off in the few minutes I had. Off to do....