Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Piper's Old Tricks

In the same vein that Katie was talking about how she can't leave her youngest daughter unsupervised, I feel the same way about Piper.  I don't worry about her safety as much as I used to but she still does things that worry me when I find out about them later.

Last week I went in to find her room completely wrecked (which I know is usually the case because she will close her door when it's not in good shape).  What concerned me was that I found things from her top shelf in her closet on the floor.  When I asked her how she got them she told me a story about how she used her shoe rack to climb up there.  Mind you her shoe rack is NOT meant for climbing and could have easily toppled/collapsed under her weight.

Then the other day we found something else that worried us.  Sometimes when Piper closes her room door because it's messy, she'll also lock it for some unknown reason.  We keep room keys on the tops of door frames so obviously can't reach the key to unlock it herself.  Well, she needed to get in and we were downstairs doing something else so we told her to wait.  Waiting was not something Piper planned to do.  Instead she used her typical Piper problem solving skills and went to work.  First she went and retrieved the plastic stool from our bathroom. (A somewhat flimsy, easy to topple stool with four legs from Ikea.)  Then she got Bryce's shark mouth "reacher" and stood and attempted to knock the key off the frame.  She succeeded because when we got up there a little while later we found the stool, reacher, and the key on the ground.  The only thing she'd been unable to do was actually use the key to unlock the door herself.  Just a stool wouldn't bother me in most situations, but the problem is where Piper's door's basically a balcony!!! (photo from before we moved in)

Um, scary.  Standing on that stool would have put her VERY close to just falling over the railing.  OMG.  PIPER!!!

She is just so resourceful.  She has been a problem solver since she was little.  She is the reason we still have furniture bolted to the wall.  I still worry about her bed being close to the window but there's really no other option.  She just thinks she can do anything and it will be fine - she has no fear.  At least it doesn't seem like she's accident prone like Bryce because I think those two things together would be a recipe for disaster.

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