Monday, June 24, 2013

Piper Party Help!!

Okay, so  I need your help.  Piper's birthday weekend is coming up in less than 3 weeks!   I know she really wants to have a "party" and I say that in quotes because to her a party is where people come over and you play and have fun (um, every night in our neighborhood?).  I think for a kid turning 5 something VERY simple will do.  Like, super simple.  And given that most of her friends are now living in our neighborhood, I think including them along with a random other kid or two will be plenty.  But I need to plan it NOW so that I can invite people and get as many people there as possible.  I really do NOT want to have anything inside but obviously if it rains, I'm kind of up a creek (and given our garage is not emptied yet - although it's getting there!), I don't think that's a possibility as a party alternative spot.

Sometimes I think with 5 year olds, less is more.  I know last summer when I threw an impromptu summer solstice party the kids had more fun than I expected.  All I did was water games and Rita's.  Maybe that's all I need to do for Piper except throw in some cake (and adult beverages for the non-kids).  I do not want to get into real, actual food.  The simpler the better but I'm open to suggestions too.

@Katie - I remember you saying Lucy's "best" party ever ended up just being popsicles which kind of inspires me right now.

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Katie said...

Yes, when we first moved in and Teagan was newborn, I could not get a real party together, so we just decorated the driveway with sidewalk chalk and invited all of our new neighbors over for popsicles via email. That was it! Everyone came b/c they were all eager to meet each other (benefit of moving to a new neighborhood). We sat in the garage and ate popsicles and the kids played. Some brought presents even, which surprised me. Lucy was only 3 and she was thrilled. She still loves the unicorn doll someone gave her.

This year I think we will do something similar. I was thinking of a water party... water games, sprinkler, watercolor painting, water-ice, watermelon. I just want to invite the neighbors and maybe one or two school friends. We had done pool parties in the past, but I can't manage all my kids at the pool at their ages right now. Summer birthdays are so nice b/c/ there is no school-friend pressure. And we don't go to the pool that all of the school people go to, so we don't have to run into any of them. (We still go to the pool by our old house.) Honestly though, Lucy only got invited to a couple parties, so I don't even feel obligated to invite anyone. :) Makes it easier. A lot easier! Yay summer birthdays!!! Time to start planning too. I'm way behind. I feel like all I do is plan parties. Baptism, First communion, baby shower, Teagan's birthday, now Lucy's birthday. I need a break!