Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Neighbors = Awesome

Seriously, I feel like we hit pay dirt when we moved into this neighborhood when it comes to our neighbors.  Almost every one that we've met is just.so.nice.  But not just nice, HELPFUL. And we all help each other.  Whether it's looking out for one another's kids or houses - we all just kind of pitch in.  It's great.  But today took the cake!  Today was Moira's first day watching the kids and I told them they could put on their bathing suits and go out to play in the hose.  Well, Bryce turned the hose on and for some reason the spigot would not turn off.  Moira called me and I could hear the anxiety in her voice.  I thought fast and quickly called my neighbors who I know are often home during the day.  Thankfully, they were on their way home from an errand and went right over as soon as they got home.  Nick quickly realized he couldn't get it off and went in and turned off the hose bib from the inside and let Jason know.  Whew, crisis averted!  (We were worried water could have been getting into the basement if something was really broken.)  Jay will take a look when he gets home and we'll probably end up having to call it into the builder if it really is broken.

Isn't this what neighborhoods should be all about?  I feel so grateful every day to be living here.

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