Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Little Ears

While Caroline likes playing with the other kids in our neighborhood, recently the older kids that she tends to play with more independently haven't been around for one reason or another so she's been hanging out with the younger set which are around Piper's age or a little younger.  All the little neighbor kids love Caroline and look up to her but you can imagine it's not always fun for her and she'll often gravitate to wanting to stand around and converse with the adults as we supervise.  I don't mind and I understand the interest of wanting to get in on the conversation but a lot of times I'm concerned about what she might be hearing (one of our neighbors doesn't have a very good filter on his mouth).  It's not the language per se (she knows all the bad words thanks to kids at school and knows not to use them) it's the content sometimes or if someone's talking about something that just isn't appropriate for kids. (Like talking to my one neighbor who just had a baby about postpartum stuff or the other neighbor talking about some stuff that's been happening at work.)  Sometimes I try to give her something to do and she'll skip away for a bit but she always comes back.  It kind of drives me crazy because I like having some adult conversation but hate that I have to keep shooing her away and that she always comes back.

She's curious (nosy) by nature and wants to know everything that is going on around the new neighborhood. Sometimes I think she might know too much as a result of things she may have overheard.  I said something to my neighbor who just had the baby and she laughed and said she was the exact same way as a kid - she always wanted to hang out with the adults.  

The one girl in the neighborhood who I thought would be a good friend has come on a little too strong and isn't always a good match for Caroline.  I think she needs to spend a little more time with her and get to know her better before writing her off because they do have fun riding bikes together and when they are one on one.  It's going to be a looooong summer if she doesn't.  But thankfully, the boys next door should be around more now that baseball is over and they will be back from their vacation and they have proved to be good playmates for Bryce and Caroline since they love bike riding and doing "nature" type imaginative play which Caroline loves.

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