Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just Photos

Just thought I'd post a few photos that made me laugh or smile recently.  Bryce walking around in his Darth Maul mask.  Kid cracks me up the way he loves his Star Wars costumes.  

Caroline at the community gazebo.  She loves our new neighborhood so much!  She has started running a little bit and will take jogs around sometimes.  She gets into wearing sporty clothes now which I think is so cute.

Piper the Cat during our Friday night dinner show.  If you had seen her dancing around like a cat, you would have loved it.  I didn't want to video and miss the moment though.

My parents in their matching Special Olympics volunteer shirts.  My mom looks so happy and I love that my dad made this face.  The consensus seems to be that this is a "Bryce Face" although maybe Bryce has been making the "Gene Face" all this time and we didn't realize it.  Lots of my parents' friends have commented over the years that Bryce looks like my dad.  I love this photo....I'm going to have to frame it.  (I am planning a big wall of my favorite photos!)

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