Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Cold

Ughhhh!  How do I have another cold?  This is like the third cold I've had since we moved into the house.  I credit it to not taking my vitamins and vitamin D supplement regularly (I need to put them back out where I can see them even though I hate the clutter) and to my body finally relaxing after 8 months of stress of selling, moving, etc.  I had just gotten over my last rotten cold over Memorial Day weekend when I cut my finger.  That is pretty much all healed now (stitches out yesterday and I can just wear a regular band-aid now) and on Saturday morning I woke up with my throat getting irritated.  I felt so run down and bad yesterday I took a sick day.  I was already planning to leave early anyway to get my stitches out and to take the kids' registration materials to their new school, so I figured why drag myself in for 2/3 of a day?

I'm glad I did.  My mom did her usual with the kids and took Piper for the whole day so I got a few hours of rest.  I ran my errands and then made a dinner that I'd never have time to make the rest of the week and then went and got my stitches out.

I couldn't believe the way it down poured yesterday.  Incredible!  In between storms, we ended up going on a frog walk with our neighbors and their kids.  We had just started playing an all-family game of hide and seek when they came over.  I knew the kids needed to get out so we went out and found oodles of these little frogs that could fit on a dime.

I am feeling a little better this morning as the cold moved into my nose and out of my throat.  I felt pretty bad when I woke up but 3 ibuprofen and a Sudafed remedied that.  I think Bryce may have caught it from me though so it's only a matter of time before Piper gets it since she was all over me on Sunday.  They've given me enough colds over the years so I guess it's only fair.

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