Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Impending Tears

The kids finish up at their old elementary school on Friday and I am very worried that I might break into tears every time I think about it.  I really shouldn't be surprised as I don't weather changes for the kids very well.  I remember what a mess I was when we had to switch Caroline's daycare when she was about a year old.  (Now I look back and realize I was crazy.)  Yes, I'm happy about the new elementary school they will be attending, but it's all just so....NEW.  And bigger.  Their current elementary has a enrollment of 532 while their new school is 675, so not ridiculously bigger, but bigger.  It's 2 levels too which makes it seem larger.  But it's not the size that makes me all nervous, it's the fact that it's all so unknown.

We've been so "cozy" at the old elementary school.  I joke that because there are so many dead beat parents at school that we're AWESOME parents by relativity.  Ha!  Granted, as a working parent I don't get to come in as often as I'd like but I always have gotten to know the teachers and help out on things like field trips.  And because there weren't many parents around, it was easy to get face time with the teachers.  The principal knew us as did all the "specials" teachers too.  Yes, there were a lot of things at the school that we didn't always love in terms of things we'd see other kids or parents doing or having such a limit on what the school was able to do because kids and their families had so few dollars to spare or they just didn't attend non-school hour events. (No yearbook, very few field trips, no after school clubs, very few family nights other than purely academic functions).  So I'm looking forward to those changes in the new school and I'll probably look back a year from now and laugh at myself for being so sad about leaving.

But I guess you just get accustomed to what you know even though I know we'll do fine in the new school.  I'm careful not to let the kids know about my anxieties about them starting a new school.  Piper will be completely new to the school thing but I worry about her being so young (late birthday) but I know how scrappy she is and clever.  Bryce makes friends wherever he goes and I'm hopeful that by the end of the first week he has a bunch of friends.  Going from first to second grade is an easy transition and I think he'll do fine.  It makes me sad though when he says things like, "Mom, I'm friends with pretty much all the kids in my class."  And you know what, that's probably true.  He's such a likable, sweet kid (unless you're his sister).  Caroline is the one I worry about the most.  Glad to have gotten over the 3rd grade academic rigor hump but know what is looming ahead in 4th grade and having to transition to a new school where most of the kids have been together since kindergarten when the school opened.  (@Erin - you talked to me about getting in touch with the guidance counselor - did you do that before the end of the school year or the week teachers went back in August.  I am clearly running out of time this week - ha!)  I just want Caroline to have a couple of good friends in her class and feel a part of a group.  She makes friends easily but hasn't always had the opportunity.  She's still talking about playing soccer in the fall so I think that will be great for her too.

I'm grateful that I'm Facebook friends with several of the kids former teachers as they all want to stay in touch.  They are some really great people and I am grateful to have had them in our lives.  I am sure I will cry a few tears when I drop the kids off on Friday morning.  But every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end and I know how anxious I was when Caroline started there for kindergarten.  Hard to believe that was 5 years ago.

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Katie said...

I am glad u r switching schools. The effects of dead-beat parents accumulate over time and show up in the kids by middle school for sure. I think you will be the awesome parents at your new school too. :)