Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have to hand it to Jason, he managed to get two MAJOR things done off of his list on Saturday morning with the help of his brother.  The playground has finally made it's way out of Sandy and Tom's yard and the treadmill is no longer in the garage.  WOOT!  Both of those things were causing Jason a significant amount of agita but with all that we've had going on recently, he just hasn't had the time to do them. Thanks to Jer, the two of them were able to make two trips to my IL's house on Saturday morning and bring the playground to the house.  It's not assembled yet but that's the "easy" part.  Riding down Rt. 40 with a huge playground in your truck is the hard part not to mention lifting it!  Whew.  And then he went on to give out the baseball trophies in the afternoon to Bryce's team.  He had a busy, exhausting day.  Give that man a hand!

Speaking of baseball, I think it's finally over.  I'm glad Bryce played and I saw what a good coach Jason is to those kids but it really was a long commitment.  Considering they started practicing in late March and they played their last game on Monday is quite a long season for 7-8 year olds.  Jason was kind of glad they lost on Monday evening because it meant they were done but then after the fact he was a little sad.  They had a good team and the kids really looked up to Jason and the manager, Chuck.  He and Bryce had good bonding time too and Bryce enjoyed playing.  If Bryce plays next year, I can guarantee it will be easier given that we won't be moving and adjusting to a new house at the same time.  Having Jason gone 2-3 nights a week, every week since we moved in has been tough.  Of course now he says that he's got so many things to do that he was waiting to do until baseball was over that he's stressing himself out.

But we keep moving forward.  I managed to get some picture frames and a mirror that I already had spray painted black so that we can hang them in the house.  I'm trying to transition to black frames for a lot of things for uniformity in some of my decorating.  I can't wait to hang this old mirror that my mom gave me.  I want to do one of those photo walls coming down my steps too that I've seen on Pinterest so many times too but I think that will wait until we paint.

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