Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unnatural Athlete?

I've said time and again that Bryce is a product of my genes in so many ways.  While people always point out that he has Jason's coloring, it's not totally "Jason's" since my brother and sister were also very blond and blue eyed too.  But other than the coloring, he is just.so.my family.  He's got my family's teeth/jaw (which is good since we didn't need orthodontics).  He's totally built like my brother to the point that I sometimes will call him Kevin - it's weird, I tell you.  He has my brother's hands and feet!  He is just so solid - something Jason was NOT.  Jason was tall, skinny, and spindly by age 7. I don't get the feeling Bryce is going to be terribly tall given that Piper has been taller at every age than he was.  Plus, if you look at him among his classmates, he is not one of the taller kids.  He's also a lot like my brother in that he's just such a lovable guy - just so touchy-feely and huggable.  He's loud like my brother was too.  Again things that Jason says he was not but I remember my brother being keenly.  He was a funny kid.  I adore my little brother so I guess that's why I love that Bryce is so much like him.  But unfortunately, with all these great genetics goes something that my family is kind of a low scorer in....sports.  I never had interest.  My mom never did either.  My dad played sports in high school but then, didn't everyone in small town America in the 1960's?  My sister is the most athletic of all of us but didn't really blossom until late high school and she's quite active now but didn't do any kind of team sports as a kid.  We all played musical instruments and were on academic/school involvement type activities.  My brother played a season of indoor soccer and two seasons of baseball before giving it up for Boy Scouts.  He did play some golf in high school and was pretty good but then, it's golf.  Very different than a team sport.  

Jason, on the other hand, played lots of sports.  Soccer and baseball and loved it.  He was decent too so I know he was hoping that Bryce would have the same ability.  And while we're only 2 years in, it's apparent he doesn't have the natural ability that other kids on the teams do.  However, he LOVES playing so we'll keep encouraging him.  I know a lot of what he loves about it is doing it with Jason.  They are definitely "buds" and he looks forward to the time they spend together.  (Even if it takes him forever and a lot of help to get into his uniform, right, Jason?)  He also loves being a part of a team and it almost brings me to tears to see him congratulating his fellow teammates and cheering them on.  He's always the first one to meet a teammate to tell him "great job" or "nice hit."  He loves hooting and hollering and gets into the game in that respect.  He'll give me a play by play after a game and loves telling me his perspective although I know a lot of his opinion is based off of what Jason says.  (Which is pretty cute in and of itself...he loves his daddy!)  

But what makes me sad is how hard he tries and how he's just not as successful as you'd hope he'd be.  Last night he mistakenly threw a ball he caught to first instead of third (he misheard Jason who was coaching out in left field).  He turned and kind of cried a little bit and hugged Jason.  That just about broke my heart.  But he recovered and went on.  He loves it and I'm happy he's continuing to do it.  He's clearly getting a lot out of it and I hope that if he keeps enjoying it that he'll get better too.  In soccer, especially, you can see he just lacks that "killer" instinct needed to really do well.  But he's only 7, so I'm not dooming him to athletic failure. I know Jason's continued support is a big factor for him and I know as long as Bryce wants to do it, he'll keep on helping out.  Jason has such great memories of the time he and his dad spent on the athletic fields together, I know Bryce will too.  Just keep on trying, buddy!  I love you so much and I am so proud of you!

Now the big question is what to do about the girls for the fall.  Caroline says she wants to play soccer and now Piper is saying that too.  However, when I told them it means they can't do any other activities (1 activity per kid is more than enough for what we can manage - heck, I don't know if we can manage that!!) they kind of got upset.  I do not want to get into the whole dance thing since it's a school year long commitment instead of half year/seasons like sports and I'm not a fan of the whole "girls in dance" thing.  I also know how fickle they can both me, especially Caroline.  And then you add in the fact that there are 3 kids, 2 parents with the potential to have some nights where 3 kids need to be in 3 places.  How the hell do people do this?????  I will not coach either.  (See the above part where I talk about my family's lack of athletic skill.)  I feel like we are barely keeping our heads above water right now with 1 kid in a sport that's a 3 hour/night, 2 nights a week commitment.  This is why I loved gymnastics - I could get both girls in at the same time and only go one place.  Then the damn place went bankrupt...I need to find a new place, perhaps.    I also saw at the new elementary school that they have a bunch of after school clubs for older kids and when I mentioned them to Caroline she got all excited.  One was a running club and the other was a math/science type.  Those would be perfect too.  Now I know why my parents had us in music lessons - that was our one activity and they just had to cart us to one lesson a week for an hour.  Well, aside from the fact that they wanted us to play an instrument.  I'm still trying to convince Caroline she should play guitar.  You know, like Taylor Swift.  She loves country music (yes, my child!) and makes up her own songs already.  Natural fit, plus the guitar is kind of awesome.  But no kid can see that.  

Okay, I need to stop the ADD type rambling.....3 kids, 3 activities, and a full time job - I don't know how we'll do this.

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Erin said...

It really is hard with three and I don't know how people do it either!!! But yet, some are so good at it. I just can't figure out the secret. Ben has really taken to basketball, so that's his one sport... (other than swimming, which they all do but that's only a half hour three Saturdays a month) Simon hasn't really picked one yet and thankfully, J is too little still. There is a soccer program for 2-year-olds around here that some moms do and I just don't know why they would subject themselves to that mess, especially since they all have older kids with activities.... LOL.