Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday Night Slice

Thursday evening was going as planned.  Jason and Bryce were going to storage for the LAST time to get everything out and close out the account.  Woohoo!  (All that's left now is to get the playground set from my IL's.)  I had just changed my clothes and was getting started on dinner. I had some leftover, frozen chicken BBQ on the stove and was getting started on making a cabbage and kale dish as a side.  I was cutting the cabbage in half or at least trying to when the knife (the VERY sharp knife) got stuck.  I pulled it out and it released oddly and kind of came up and went back down and OUCH.....right into my left pinky. I looked...pretty gross.  A big chunk was flapping off of it and right through the nail.  Ew. Definitely stitches.  I quickly wrapped it in paper towel and put pressure on it - it barely bled as a result.  I called Jason who was just finishing up and he hurried home.  I called my mom next knowing I needed someone to drive me to the hospital and someone to stay with the kids - I didn't care which.  Jason arrived home and took a look.  He agreed, stitches.  My mom arrived soon after and we left right away.  The kids were noticeably freaked out and a little worried.  I kept reassuring them that I would be okay.  I was mad at myself but also grateful it wasn't any worse!

We arrived at the ER and after wait times in all the different zones, I finally saw a PA and she agreed on stitches but she wanted an xray first just in case to see how deep it went.  After that, she put in 2 stitches and super glue all over the nail and wrapped me up.  I didn't get home until 9:45 so it was a long evening.  I am so grateful to my mom for taking me and staying with me. Jason would have done the same but he was anxious about all the stuff in the van he had just brought back.  He packed the kids lunches for me too even though it was my night.  :)

I can share a photo if you want but didn't want to gross anyone out unnecessarily.  Ha!

It's all wrapped up today and a little sore.  I'm surprisingly good at typing with using my left ring finger in place of my pinky for all the A, Z and Q letters.  I can get the stitches out in 7-10 days.  My family doctor can't fit me in until 6/10 - so I hope it's not too late.  I know my mom can remove them though so I might just have Nurse Berlyn take a look.

Once again, I'm grateful it was no worse and was able to be easily repaired.  My hopes of doing some gardening this weekend may be foiled though since I do not want to risk getting it dirty or messing with the wound by nudging it.  I can get it wet starting tomorrow but will be very careful.  The last thing I need is an infection!


Erin said...

I did something similar with a mandolin a couple years ago... literally mandolined a layer RIGHT off my pinky. Like a chunk. I'm REALLY good with blood and gore but my fingertip laying on the counter not attached to my hand REALLY freaked me out and the bleeding wouldn't stoP! There was nothing to stitch either. So they just stopped the bleeding (which took forever) and wrapped it up and it just had to heal. So freaky.

Glad you are okay!!

Erika said...

Well, there goes my interest in a mandolin! I had one on my gift list!! I'm feeling knife shy right now. I wanted strawberries in my lunch but didn't want to cut the tops off so I just ate them off.

Katie said...

i just went weak in the knees. this is why i could never ever be a doctor. glad it wasn't worse, but ouch.