Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sleep Peeing

So we have Piper who is still working on staying dry over night and then you have Bryce who never has wet the bed since the day he was potty trained.  When we lived in the old house, if he had to pee in the night, he'd usually start hollering for one of us because he was too scared to get up by himself.  I think he's over that (mostly) because I've heard him get up in the night and go since we've lived here.  However, in the past week or so he's had some incidents where he gets up to pee and then doesn't remember it in the morning.  These nights almost always coincide with baseball games when he's very tired and has had a lot to drink.

It always starts with him rolling around in bed and he usually ends up knocking the wall a bunch of times so that it startles Jason and I.  When one of us go in, he's usually sitting up in bed looking disoriented and we ask him if he has to pee.  The other night for me, he said, "YES!" and ran out of the room only to run directly into Piper's room (next to the bathroom).  I quickly whispered loudly - "NOT IN THERE BRYCE!! THAT'S PIPER'S ROOM!"  (Can you imagine what he might have peed on in there???)  He went into the bathroom, left the light off because the night light is quite bright while I stood outside.  He clearly didn't know I was out there because when I whispered to him to flush, it scared the crap out of him.  He made the most terrified face and drew his arms up all weird - it made me laugh!!!  "I DIDN'T SEE YOU THERE!!!"  Then he shuffled back to bed and remembered nothing the next morning.

Last night, when Jason went in, Jason told him to get up and Bryce walked over to the clothes basket laying in the middle of his floor. Jason thought it looked like he was going to pee in the basket so he quickly told him to go to the bathroom which Bryce did correctly this time.  But when he was done, he walked out of the bathroom and went right into Piper's room.  Again, can you imagine if he'd gotten into bed with her?  She would have had a fit!  Ha ha!  Jason corrected him again and he went back to bed without a peep and again, remembered nothing this morning.

He is so funny.  He keeps telling us to wake him up but I have assured him we thought he was awake when it was happening.  He really hasn't had any sleep walking incidents before but he does talk in his sleep sometimes - he's even giggled in his sleep a few times which is hilarious.

We always make sure he goes to the bathroom before bed but I think when he's had that much water that's just what's going to happen.  I prefer this over when he gets leg cramps which we have figured out must be his body's way of waking him up to go to the bathroom.  I thought they were growing pains but they always went away once he went to the bathroom.

He's a funny kid - I should try and video the next time it happens.

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Katie said...

My T had an accident for the 1st time this week... blog curse!!! She was way tired & was too tired to hold it or get up. That is something we will look out for in the future!