Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PreK Graduation...Belated

These past 2 weeks have been SOOOO busy!  Add that to the fact that we've been continuing to try and get settled in the house and you have me completely frazzled.  One of the crazy evenings we had recently was Piper's PreK graduation on May 16.  This was kind of odd and made me a little sad because Caroline and Bryce didn't have PreK graduations.  Both of them were in daycare at the time which served perfectly as a preschool for the school type atmosphere, but didn't have the actual pomp and circumstance of more typical school events.  Both Caroline and Bryce commented on that fact but I told them that we didn't have any other options at the time and they were both very well prepared for kindergarten which was the most important part.  Quite honestly, I worry a little about Piper and starting kindergarten since her pre-k was NOT an "academic" pre-k and was definitely more about about learning rituals of school like sitting on a carpet for story time, raising your hand, lining up for the bathroom, and singing songs/saying the pledge.  All important kindergarten prep but they didn't really focus on letters/numbers.  We've been working with her ourselves and she's been working on an online curriculum that she likes very much too.  She's always been my scrappy, spunky kid that figures things out herself so I am hopeful she'll continue to be the little sponge that she always has been and will adjust quickly to kindergarten.  

Anyway, back to graduation....on a whim the night before I looked in her closet for what she should wear and spotted the dress Caroline wore in Kevin and Kelly's wedding almost 5 years ago!  I was so excited and when I showed Piper she quickly agreed to wear it.  (Strangely enough, she cannot wear the shoes because her feet are bigger than Caroline's were at the time!)  

Here's Caroline in the same dress in May 2008 (I was 33 weeks pregnant with Piper) although without the dramatic expression that Piper always seems to serve up.

Cute, right?  But hard to believe.  I hope she'll have another occasion to wear it.  I wish I had more photos of her in the dress but alas Piper did not allow that to happen.  Just after I took this photo, she decided she wanted to come out on the front porch but I had to "introduce" her first to Jason and her siblings.  Well, because we were running very late, without me realizing it,  Jason and the other kids had already gotten in the  car.  As I walked out on the porch, Caroline was coming back in to get something and saw Piper.  That did it.  Instant SCREAMS!!!   Cry, cry, cry!  She ran into the family room and buried her head.  She was so mad.  Ugh.  I kept calling her and finally she made her way out to the car and we hustled down the road.

We made it in time and thankfully Sandy was already there waiting for us.  It was kind of chaotic with all the pre-k kids and their families.  Quite honestly it seemed like a lot of hoopla for "just" preschool, but who am I to say?  (I was a little put off by the fact that the cap/gown/tassel and pre-k t-shirt was $28 but I didn't have much choice...again, this was new to me.  Why not just do those cute little paper hats since clearly Piper won't be wearing THIS again?)  But she looked really cute and was very excited, so that's all that matters, right?

She sang a bunch of songs, played in the "marching band" and really got into the singing this time.  She was quite proud of herself and we enjoyed it.  Hard to believe my baby is going to kindergarten in the fall.  I guess because Caroline and Bryce were the oldest kids in their classes, it seems like they got an extra year but I know Piper is ready and will do well.  She can't wait to be going to the same school as her big brother and sister.  She'll always be my baby though.

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