Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Delusion

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!  Mine was just fine.  Was it glamorous and a highlight reel like you might see on some lame Hallmark commercial (or certain people's Facebook posts)?  No.  No way!  Did that bother me?  Nope.

You see, I gave up the Mother's Day Delusion years ago.  You know what I'm talking about.  The thought that a mother will wake up on Mother's Day and everything will be perfect and she won't have to lift a finger.  Her children will be well behaved, her husband will have thought of everything, she'll have a delightful breakfast/brunch and everything will be cleaned up, and the day will go on like that until bedtime when her sweet little angels go peacefully to sleep and she can close her eyes knowing that she was honored on Mother's Day.

Yeah, right.

Now, that's not to say that I didn't have a nice day.  I actually did.  I got to sleep in/lay in bed until almost 8am without anyone bothering me.  I got up and started sorting our laundry and put a load in before going downstairs. (Can I tell you how much I am LOVING a second floor laundry room!?!?)  The kids were all three in Bryce's room and making a lot of noise so I figured they were making cards.....they were.

I made it downstairs to get coffee and they found me and quickly gave me cards.  Piper just gave me a hug and Bryce's card was kind of weird and didn't say much, but it was cute.  Caroline's card though, oh my, it made me laugh and cry.  Like tears falling down my face, cry.  It was so eloquent and personal.  I don't even want to post it because it was so personal.  I hugged her and thanked her - that was a nice way to start the day.  So I made my coffee and three servings of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows for the kids and got to skim the paper in between getting things the kids needed.  I then set on cleaning up the kitchen and then went downstairs to get on the computer to make the grocery list and menu for this week.  The kids were playing - still no problems: a normal Sunday morning.

But when I was finishing up getting ready to go to the grocery store (and Jason was in the shower) things quickly deteriorated.  Piper had one of Caroline's stuffed animals and threw it on the plant shelf in the foyer.  The plant shelf is almost 10 feet high.  Caroline was pretty angry and I realized quickly that randomly throwing stuff there might continue to be tempting for Piper (especially considering she kind of has a balcony overlooking the foyer and it's easy to toss things there).  Without missing a beat, I went into her room, grabbed Penny, her favorite stuffed animal, and tossed it onto the plant shelf with Caroline's bear.

Instant screams!!!!!!!!

Caroline looked satisfied and I told her I'd get her bear down later with Jason's special ladder.  I told Piper that I hoped that this would teach her not to throw things there because if she did it again, I would leave Penny up there for a week.  She was still screaming and I knew she'd get over it so I just chose to ignore it like I usually do.  That's Piper's M.O.

Here you can see two perspectives on the plant shelf...doesn't look that high in a photo, but trust me, it is!

You can see Penny's white tail sticking up.

From the steps, you can see the poor stuffies.  It's too far to be reached from the balcony even with a broom.  Thank goodness for Jason's long ladder.
However, Bryce did NOT like her screaming and decided to go over and try to throw her down to the floor.  Obviously, I saw the whole scene and he went to his room.  But that didn't go over so well with him and by the time Jason was out of the shower, Bryce had lost his privilege of playing outside with friends.   That also went over like a lead brick and he continued yelling.  I was done with him at this point and Jason made him keep his door closed until he stopped yelling.

I finished up my list and got ready to go - I was actually quite pleased to be going to the store by myself since someone usually always tags along.  When I went to leave, Jason looked defeated and said he was sorry that I'd had to deal with all that.  I told him I had no crazy expectations and not to worry about it at all. I was quite proud of my plant shelf solution and now I was headed out by myself.

So with that, I went to the store and when I came back they were all gone.  Peace!!  (But just for a little while.)  They had gone out and gotten me 2 hydrangeas to replace the ones we left at our old house and a new shower head for the master bath since cleaning the shower without one is murderous!  Nice and thoughtful - I liked it.

The other exciting thing Jason got at the store was something called Monkey Hooks.  I've been wanting to start hanging stuff up around the house but am very afraid of damaging walls.  I really need to have formal instruction on that because I hate being a woman that doesn't know how to do something like put in drywall screw anchors and hang something. On Saturday, Jason's dad showed him these things and Jason knew I'd love them.  They are nearly fool proof and I can do them myself!!  So I started attacking the kids' rooms!  (Well, I started to and then got distracted by a visit from our neighbors and ended up having two glasses of wine with them while sitting on the front porch.)  But after THAT, I went to town.  I got so many things hung up but I am running low on hooks now I need to get some tonight.  Things already look better and more settled.

By the time I was done with that, Jason had made us a delicious dinner (spinach stuffed chicken breasts and tomato-basil risotto) which the kids all complained equally about.  I thought it was great and was so happy that I didn't have to do any prep at all.  Jay is a decent cook and follows recipes well but even this was more advanced for him and he did perfectly.  The risotto was a new recipe and I would definitely make it again.  After that, he cleaned up and I hung a few more pictures and then we sat outside on a COLD May evening and had some hot tea.

I tried to get some photos of the kids in front of the house for our moving cards but that turned into a disaster where they took turns not smiling and when I said I'd had enough, they all threw a fit.  Nice.  So bathtime started rough but they all calmed down and went to sleep.  Whew.

A normal Sunday at our house but a nice day, nonetheless.  My only real complaint was that it was so chilly for mid-May.  Now if I could just get myself over the delusion for other holidays, I'm sure I'd enjoy them a lot more too.

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