Monday, May 06, 2013


Yesterday after lunch, the kids were playing with all the younger neighbor kids down the street on their playground.  This is the younger set that is about 5 years and younger.  A good fit for Piper and Bryce was having a good time with one of the older 5 year olds, but Caroline was noticeably bored.  None of the older neighbor kids were around but she couldn't stand not being out and playing with other kids.   She mentioned how bored she was and I suggested maybe she should do something fun with the little kids and make a scavenger hunt or something.   I was kind of joking but she immediately ran home and within 20 minutes she was back with a stack of brown paper bags and some sheets of paper.  On each paper was a list of "nature" items to find (grass, leaves, flowers, rocks, etc) with the title "Nature Scavenger Hunt."  She rounded all the little kids up and told them what they were doing.  All the little kids really like Caroline and they quickly sat down and before we knew it she had them on a nature hunt.  The two moms watching loved it!  I was so proud.  Caroline really has a way with them and they look up to her so much.  One of the moms (who is a 3rd grade teacher herself) did laugh that none of the kids were actually old enough to read the list she had printed up, but Caroline was so patient and kept reading each of them the items to find.  For a full half hour, she kept them engaged and anyone who knows little kids knows what a big deal 30 minutes of engaged playtime is.  Then when they were done collecting, they sat back down at the table and compared what they found.  After that, she took them all out front and they drew nature scenes on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.  It was cute to see how into the activity all the kids were, including Piper.  I appreciated the fact that Caroline didn't revel in her boredom as she sometimes does and instead did something about it.

After they were done with their nature activities, she and Piper came back to our house with Lucas and Bella to play in the basement.  From the sounds of it, I think they were playing school because in my comings and goings from downstairs to upstairs, I saw them doing puzzles and counting.  Pretty cute!

I think she is setting herself up for some major babysitting potential in a few years.

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