Thursday, May 02, 2013

Kid Updates

Caroline - I am so proud of her!  She has worked so hard this year and it has paid off - she came home with straight A's on her 3rd quarter report card.  This is a really big deal because first quarter was tough for her - it wasn't that she wasn't capable of the work, she just had a hard time transitioning to the rigor.  She still managed to make honor roll both times the first and second quarter but it seems to be coming much easier to her now which is funny since the work is actually harder now than it was in the beginning of the year.  Seeing her actually enjoy division and multiplication is a joy.  She continues to read like a fiend too.  As for her transition to the new neighborhood, let's just say she is in heaven.  So many kids to play with, the ability to ride her bike around the big loop without worries, and her own room with plenty of space - she's a happy girl.  We really need to set aside some time to organize her new space though.  It's a wreck right now and we need to do some things in the closet to make better use of so much space.  Caroline + a walk in closet = more space for a mess.

Bryce - My baseball buddy!  This is what I pulled up to yesterday when I got home from work.  All ready for his second game!  He managed to get two hits (one off a pitcher and one off the pitching machine) - he was so proud of himself.  His team won too!  He just loves playing sports and having so much time with Jason.  I love the bonding time and see how close the two of them are.  Bryce did really well in school again this quarter too and made honor roll.  (He doesn't get real grades until 3rd grade.)  First grade has been pretty easy for him so I anticipate more of the same next year.  He's not the avid reader that Caroline is but I think mostly that is because he hasn't found stories he really likes. I also feel like there are way more series out there for young girls (Junie B Jones, American Girl books, etc) than there are for boys.  He likes the Hardy Boys but they are a bit advanced yet.  Any 1st/2nd grade good boy series recommendations?

Piper - This child is a mess!!!  She continues to be spunky and funny but she's really a handful.  She is so headstrong and wants things HER way all the time.  She's sensitive too so if you reprimand her she runs off and cries - so dramatic!  It's exhausting.  She's been so happy to see all of spring/summer clothes along with her dress up clothes and every morning she comes down in another get up that makes me laugh.  Today it was a bright red, flowered halter dress.  "Don't worry, mommy, I will wear a sweater."'s not a battle worth fighting with her - I've learned.  However, the messes she makes in her room are making me batty.  She even had the nerve to say to me last night, "Mommy, why is my room always a mess??"  Um, really, Piper?  Sometimes she will try to make me proud and clean it up herself and I make a big deal about how great it looks.  Oh and yesterday I came home from work and found this in my living room blind:

Yep, teeth marks!  I knew she was the culprit because that is SUCH a Piper thing to do.  And given the fact that it's right at her mouth height and the imprint shows she only has half a top front tooth pretty much seals the deal.  C'mon kid!!!  Apparently she had just done it yesterday - guess she knows she can't get away with that stuff anymore.  Maddening, I tell you.  

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