Thursday, May 02, 2013

House to a Home?

So here's the question out there for everyone who has moved fairly recently - how long until your new house felt like a home?

I know that when we first moved into our old house it didn't feel like home for a while especially since we didn't live there for well over a month after we bought it.  We also didn't have a lot of furniture and I remember it feeling quite empty.

This time, we have PLENTY of stuff (ha!) but the walls are going to builder white until we can either paint ourselves (upstairs) and get a painter (downstairs).  I'm just looking forward to it feeling like home again.  I love being in our house and I love waking up in it - it just doesn't feel like it's real or ours yet.  It still feels pretty surreal and in a few months we'll be packing up again.  Looking forward to getting some things hung on the walls too which I know will help.  Just curious what it took for everyone else to feel at home.  Whether you built new or bought an existing home - it's all about making it yours and getting used to where everything goes and finding a place for everything.

It's kind of a weird feeling to be in your house and not feel at home.  But that too will come.


Heather said...

...about 2 seconds, but our situation was "unique!" ha ha ha! No, serious,once I knew where all the light switches were and which lights they turned on...then I knew I was home. What do you mean you'll be "packing up" again in a few months? Where you going??

Katie said...

It took awhile.... i still missed my old house a lot, but once we had a few holidays in and met the neighbors and had a few seasons under our belt, it felt like home and not just the new house. So, I guess probably like a year? just enough time to live out some new memories. :)))

I love that now it feels like home, but when we go away and lock the house up, it smells like "new house" when we return.

Erika said...

We aren't going anywhere but it just feels like after all the moving and packing of the past 9 months that we have to keep doing that - you know? :)

We hung up hooks last night all over the house. That felt good. Very good. The little things really do make a difference.

Erin said...

A few months... and definitely after we had experienced all the holidays and seasons in the new house. :)

Before you know it!!!