Thursday, May 16, 2013

House Love

I hate leaving our house.  Hate it.  I just want to be there all the time.  It pains me that we've been so busy this week and had something going on every night.  I just want to be at home in the house or out hanging out in the neighborhood with the kids.

Mind you, the house is not organizing itself.  This weekend my goal is to get the rec room unpacked and organized and to get Caroline and Bryce's rooms together.  Jason has to fix the leg on the desk in the rec room first though before I can start putting stuff into the desk/file.  And then we need to get the new Ikea Expedit 2x2 book cases I got for the older kids together. I told both of them that once we do this, their rooms will be organized and everything will have a place - there will be NO excuses for stuff to be laying out.  Caroline's room is a borderline disaster zone right now.  That child can sleep with any amount of crap in her bed - it's amazing.  Books, hairbrushes, clothes, accessories, little dolls (not soft ones).....I don't get it.  Plus, I haven't ever gotten on their cases about making their beds but that is about to change.

I'm kind of late to the party on this one.  Growing up I never saw the point in making my bed unless my mom made me and as I became an adult, I rarely did either.  Apparently, Jason liked the bed made but since I got up last, I never bothered.  But then something changed and now I make the bed the second I get out of it.  It's habit now and bugs me when it's not made.  (Although I have been known to let him make it on the weekends.....we do have 10 pillows on the bed now with my new set!!! Ha!!)  So I am going to mandate that bed making (at least attempting it) become a new chore for the kids once summer gets here.  I do not expect perfection, but they have to try, even Piper.  Actually, she's shown me she can do it fairly well so I know she'll be fine.

I love being in the house, it still feels like we're playing house though.  I am eager to start making the "big" decisions though.  Ordering furniture/rugs, getting a shed, painting.....but it will all happen in time - it's only been 3 weeks.  I have to remind myself of that and it's been busy aside from all this moving stuff.

The kitchen, except for paint, tiled back splash and an eventual cornice box over the window, is done.  The builder is replacing the bent pendant light, but otherwise I am pretty happy with it.  I'm still getting used to where we keep things but that has gotten better too.  I just love it.  I love having space for all of our stuff and not having to randomly shove things in where they fit.  I even have some extra space (that I'm sure I will eventually fill with real stuff) that kind of just houses the random stuff now to keep it off the counters.

The most frustrating part right now (other than not having enough hours in the day) is that I want to hang all kinds of things on the walls but since I'm not 100% sure about furniture arrangement in some rooms, I am hesitant to do so.  I already mistakenly hung a framed piece above each girls' bed and then remembered that once we paint (soon!) we are going to hang their fairy drapes above the heads of their beds which would totally block what I just hung.  Duh!

I really need to take some more photos.  I took a bunch on Sunday of the kids and still haven't made it downstairs to download them.  Part of the problem is that room is still such a wreck I have no desire to go down there.  But I will remedy that this weekend!  Even if it means staying up late.....that's when I get the most done but I also love my weekend mornings to just putz around too.  Like I said, I need a few more hours in my day.  This work thing is cramping my style.

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Katie said...

I still haven't hung up pictures. I can't decide where I want things & then we painted. I put up a few things, but I have tons from the old house just sitting in the basement... still!!! There is no time with little ones. I'll get there. & TOO funny about bed making. I just yelled at Landon for this one. I MUST have a made bed. I can't stand unmade beds. It's like a messy desk-- I can't think straight! It makes me mad! I'll make a bed right before bed even. I can't sleep in a messy bed! Don't know when that became an issue for me. I asked L to make the bed and he just throws the covers on. I told him it has to be a certain way-- neat & tidy! I've explained how to make a bed 10,000 times and he still can't get it!