Thursday, May 23, 2013


This is a good problem to have and I realize we've only owned the house a month (tomorrow!) but I never want to go anywhere.  I just want to be in my house.  I want to either be organizing or sitting on my porch.  It pains me to come to work.  I miss my house when I'm away from it.  Not quite as heart wrenching as when I had to come back to work after having each of the kids but somewhat similar.  I get such a happy feeling when I pull into the neighborhood and then parking in the driveway.  Staying home one week after settlement was NOT enough but I felt like I couldn't take more time off from work.  And then when I am home, I feel like I am constantly interrupted or having to do a mundane kid chore that keeps me from accomplishing something that I really want to do.

Seriously, I could just hole up in there for like 3 weeks and probably be pretty happy.  I hope I still feel that way later this summer since we aren't going to the beach this year.  I remember when my MIL told me upon moving to their new house in 2001 that coming home felt like she was always on vacation.  That's kind how I feel too - it's still a treat.  I know it won't last forever and the newness and infatuation will wear off so I'll just enjoy it (or feel sad when I'm not there) while it lasts.

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Katie said...

Just leave to come visit us this weekend. :)