Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't Make Fun of Boosters

Last night when Bryce was getting into the car after his baseball game, Jason said he was messing around with one of his teammates when CG spotted Bryce's backless booster seat in the car.  Jason said he started making fun of Bryce about it.  (I wasn't there so I'm not sure what was said - if it was a comment or what.)  When they got into the car, Jason talked to Bryce about parenting choices and that the reason Bryce and Caroline still use booster seats is because they make riding in the car much safer.  Quite honestly though, I wasn't really sure how long they needed to be in a booster until just last week when I saw this posted on Facebook:

Boosters are for Big Kids

I was so glad to have read this.  Not only does it make it very clear about the importance of boosters, but it helps you see each of the different reasons they are so important.  (Piper is still in a 5 point car seat.)  This is a quick read, so I highly recommend you taking a few minutes to look over it.  I know neither of my kids is 4'9" (and won't be for some time) so we'll keep using the boosters until they are truly ready.

It kind of sucks that this kid made a comment considering his dad is the co-coach of the team (and we really like him) but a good opportunity to talk to our kids about it and tell them that they might hear other kids say similar things.  I do not consider myself some kind of car seat expert and I know there are other parents who choose to keep their kids in 5 point harness seats as long as possible too and may judge me for having older kids in boosters. However, I do believe "to each his own" in many cases with parenting but it seems that there's a lot of misinformation about car seats out there, especially boosters so maybe this other parent doesn't realize the safety issues with not having a kid in a booster for longer.  Regardless, I'll use this incident to pass this information onto my readers.

Besides after years with 5 point harnesses, boosters really are kind of awesome.  I wonder if at 5'4" I might still need one.  :)


Erin said...

Boosters have changed my life, honestly. They are so EASY. I now have both big boys in them... since they are the same weight and virtually the same height, despite being three years apart. I have one left in a five-point and he'll probably be in it another 2-3 years...we'll see. But yeah.. boosters are great! Some of B's friends have graduated from them, but they are MUCH bigger kids. The ones that are his size all still ride in them...

Katie said...

U should post this link on fb