Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Busy, Sick, Busy

That was what my weekend was like.  So busy, I didn't have time to be sick.  I hadn't been feeling good later in the week and by Friday, I was feeling rough.  The congestion I had in my throat was getting worse and I was coughing and getting more congested.  I debated even going in but because I'd been off on Monday, I felt guilty calling in the Friday before a holiday weekend - seemed kind of suspect.  Plus, Jason was off already.  I made it in and by 11am, I decided I'd had enough.  I stopped at the store on my way home to pick up a few things hoping that maybe I'd get to lay down for a bit.  Ha ha ha.  Yeah right.  First of all, it was hella cold for late May.  Like 50 degrees, windy and rainy. Yuck.  When I got home, Jason was working on the basement and garage and so I fed Piper some lunch and then realized that if the bathrooms were going to be clean for our visitors that evening, it meant I needed to get on it.  And so I did.  Piper "helped" with the first two but quickly lost interest.  Shocking.  By the time the kids got home from school, I'd cleaned all 4 bathrooms and put clean linens on Caroline and Bryce's beds.  (I don't bother with Piper's since her Pull Up leaks about once a week and we end up changing them anyway.  I hate Pull Ups - Easy Ups are far superior but they were out the last time we needed them.)

Once Jason finished with the basement, he decided to start hanging some pictures and such.  I was so happy!  Although he didn't quite share in my happiness because it meant hanging these shelves.  They look great, but they are a real b*tch to hang.  He was close to pitching the top one in the pond before he finally managed to get it up.  They have terrible holes in the back to hang them from - we had them in the old house and they were trouble then too.  I promised he'd never have to move them to hang them somewhere else.  But they do look nice and you see them right when you walk in, so I'm happy.  I can't decide if I need something on either side (the open white space) to balance it out or not.  Thoughts?

Literally, just as Jason was finishing with the shelves Marcy and Moira arrived.  Moira will be watching our kids two days a week this summer (Marcy is her mom who I used to work with.)  They came over for pizza and to meet the kids.  The kids liked her instantly so I think it will be good for them this summer.  It was nice catching up with Marcy too.

The kids ended up going to bed late and I went to bed even later because I had put off making the salad I planned to make for the next day.  It's a wonderful veggie and pasta salad but it takes a long time to make since it involves cutting up a lot of vegetables.  (But worth it, in my opinion.)  It was after midnight before I went to bed and I was exhausted.  I thought I'd be able to sleep in but at 6:30 I woke up feeling rather bad.  But, I had a cake to make so press on, I did.  (Took a bunch of ibuprofen and sudafed I got the kids breakfast and then made the cake in between general cleanup/decluttering before Jason's family arrived at 2pm.

Thankfully, Jason's mom, sister and SIL all brought side dishes so I didn't have to make everything.  Much appreciated!  I felt like I hardly sat down again.  At around 6pm, everyone was starting to get ready to leave and I rushed the kids to get shoes on so we could go to see Seussical at my brother and SIL's high school where they were directing the show.  Of course there was an accident on the beltway and we were a few minutes late but thanks to knowing the directors, they were able to hold it off a few minutes and we had front row seats!  The kids LOVED it.  At first I wasn't so sure how they felt since it is a very small theater and the cast is right up on you, but after the show it was clear they were thrilled.  Piper made sure to get every single on of the "birds" autographs.  They didn't stop raving about it until the middle of the next day.  And then after the show Uncle Kevin gave them a tour of the backstage area and a chance to walk on the stage.

I'm hoping at least one of them will get into doing school productions as they get older.  You could tell how much they liked seeing the comradery of the cast after the show was over and they loved seeing the costumes and how much fun everyone had.  Once again, another late night for the kids and me.

Again, I went to bed exhausted and still not feeling great.  My cough had intensified and I felt so stuffy.  However, a good night's sleep was not to be had and I woke up feeling awful at 6am.  I tiptoed downstairs, made some tea and laid on the couch until everyone woke up.  Finally, the meds I took kicked in and got moving once again.  The sun was out but it still wasn't very warm, especially with the wind.  But I went out and watched the kids fly kites with our neighbors until we had to leave to go and see our friends in Columbia.

I wasn't feeling great but I'm so glad we went.  The kids had a fantastic time and it was nice to catch up with my college friends.  I finally got to meet Katie's little boy, Henry.  To say that he's cute would be an understatement.  He's such a happy little guy!  I feel bad that we hadn't seen them since NYE when Katie was just about to have him.  Obviously, it's been a busy winter/spring for everyone!  Finally, at around 8pm, we started rounding the kids up but they had no interest in leaving because they were having so much fun playing soccer.   We said our good byes but with the intention that we'll have everyone over soon to visit our new house.

Another late night for the kids but so happy to have Monday off!  I managed to sleep in later on Monday and felt like the grip of this nasty cold was finally off.  I didn't feel great, but better than I had on Saturday/Sunday.  Jason and I caught up on our usual Sunday chores in the morning (groceries, laundry) and then my parents fresh off their trip from Greece came to visit and we went out for a very nice dinner together.

It was a really great weekend even though I wasn't feeling great - so much packed in but I guess I'm glad because with the weather being so un-Memorial Day like, I would have been bummed if we had planned to spend it sitting by a pool doing nothing else.  Next weekend looks to be a little less hectic but we still have plans on Saturday evening and on Sunday.  At least the Sunday activity is a neighbor's birthday party so no driving will be necessary!

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