Monday, April 15, 2013

Waiting For Us

I guess the trim guy really wanted to get back to work after being sick because he came in on Saturday and "finished" the house!  While I knew the top part of the pillars would make a visual difference, I was not expecting it to wow me.  Not only did he assemble the pillars and put up the porch rails but he also painted the door.  

When we pulled up I was just so excited to see the finished product!  The pillars still need a fresh coat of white paint and some power washing needs to be done but those are all small details now.

Here's the view from our front porch.  We have a house being constructed across the street (just had the foundation poured) so that will only be disruptive for a short period of time.  There are two lots across from the entry to our road that still need to be built (one is sold, one is still available) and once they are done all the house construction will be out of our area which is one of the reasons we picked this lot...we're in the nearly finished section.

Here's the view as you're coming up our front walk.

I am just so excited for Friday to finally go inside for the first time since carpet has been done and hardwoods uncovered.  This house really is exactly what I wanted....perfect size as I'm not a "big house" type of person, in neighborhood with lots of families, and upgrades on the interior that will bring me joy every day!  

Since we have moved out of our old neighborhood, two other families that lived right down the street also decided to sell too.  (I think they had been thinking about it too but were afraid of testing the market - we proved it could be done.)  What's interesting is that we're all three making different choices in our next homes.  One of the families is moving all the way to Cecil County to get out of the area but they are building in another smallish neighborhood with a house somewhat bigger than they had.  The other family is moving to Harford County but to a much bigger house and on a HUGE lot.  It's funny how you take what you learned from living in your previous home to make decisions on your new house.  You know how big of a house you want, how much land, the type of neighborhood, and the area and work from there.  I feel so lucky to have found everything we wanted and to be able to stay close to our families (and lucky to have family that we want to stay close to!).

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