Sunday, April 07, 2013

Virus From Hell

I need to first be thankful that so far this virus only claimed 3 people total - Bryce, Piper and mom. (Even after getting barf in my mouth I haven't gotten sick....yet.)  But it really has been a rough week and I am tired of being home with sick kids.  Maybe being in our own house would be a little better too.

Bryce continued barfing once a day and having random diarrhea through Friday. In fact on Friday he was so depleted from barely eating all week we were really getting worried and started trying to make him eat which he responded to by barfing. But that was the final time because he woke up on Saturday feeling like himself again.  Whew!

That left Piper who was still a mess. No throwing up since Friday but stomach pains and diarrhea have kept her miserable and couch ridden. I can't believe how much she has slept since she got sick on Wednesday night. And when she is having belly pains she is awful to deal with. I thought she was feeling better this morning because she wanted to eat and seemed perky but that quickly changed.  She is back on the couch, crabby but did just eat some noodle soup.

Jay and I got out last night for a date to Home Depot and Lowe's. Stopped by the house too which is my happy place right now. I am on the verge of counting the hours. We bought another table lamp and some really cool new glass pendant shades for the lights over the island since the builder ones are quite plain.  I am already planning for them to be one of the first things I install on settlement day. Personalization is a must!!! 

Hoping to get out in the sun today before going back to work tomorrow. I am looking forward to the routine again as it will surely make the next two weeks go faster.


Katie said...

Piper sounds a lot like Teagan. Did she have a fever too? Teagan only threw up the first day and then had diarrhea, but since getting home, she mostly has really bad gas. She sleeps a lot. She has a fever sometimes. She woke up screaming and wailing several times tonight and I thought she might be suffering from stomach pains. Our poor babies. :(

Erika said...

They never had true fevers but they both felt warm from time to time as I believe was a result of dehydration. Once we forced some fluids, they went down. (Although the fluids often came back up.) Glad T didn't have the ridiculous barfing like we had. Piper only had one day of a lot of barfing and another day of some barfing. Bryce didn't barf that much in the beginning but it dragged on once a day for days!! I am so done!