Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Too Close to Boston

While I am grateful not to have any truly close family or friends injured in the Boston marathon, it is amazing to me how close it is.  My boss' best friend was running and literally crossed the finish line a few moments before the first blast.  My boss had been tracking her progress via text on her phone all day and showing everyone.  And then she saw the report about the bomb a few moments after her posted finish time.  She was a mess until she heard that her friend (and family there to cheer her on) were okay.

Then this morning we found out one of our active graduate students was severely injured.  A student who I recently assisted with some transfer work.  Really, just too close.

My coworker is a runner and just ran the Baltimore marathon in the fall.  She was in tears hearing the news because of remembering her husband at the finish line and what that whole scene is like.

Bryce saw the news and asked about it.  He took my explanation in stride.  I am always honest with my kids and he understood it was a completely random event over which we have no control perpetrated by an extremely troubled individual.  He didn't seem too bother by it, but he also didn't see the more graphic footage even though he does know a few people died.

It is easy to think "what is this world coming to?" but the historian in me knows that all generations tend to feel that way.  Tragedy has been a part of our history since the dawn of time we're just in a society now that makes the news much more accessible and real.  And while that doesn't make this any easier to stomach, it tells you that the human race does find a way to carry on.  There will always be bad people but there will always be many more good people.  The good people rush in and do everything to make the bad situation better.  That's what I'm choosing to focus on.

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Heather said...

One of my students was standing in the same spot as the second bomb for 3 hours...her uncle crossed the finish line an hour before the bomb went off...so she and her family left after seeing him....so close.