Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Skate

All three kids were invited to a birthday party for one of our old neighbors yesterday.  She's also one of Bryce's classmates so there were several girls from his class there too (the girls all LOVE him!).  I was a little surprised to see "Skateland" on the invitation as I hadn't been to a Skateland since I was in middle school and didn't even realize those places were still open.  The kids were excited though but I was a little bit overwhelmed at the thought of managing all three of them by myself since none of them had ever really, truly skated before.  (Fisher Price skates are NOT the same thing!)

Walking into Skateland was like walking into a time warp!  Amazing, actually.  NOTHING had changed.  I swear it was like walking into 1987 except the music had been updated. The place looked a little dingy but I think it did back in 1987 too - but the skates were newer and the rink itself was fine, so what else do you need?  We met up with the birthday girl and then went to get our skates. (I decided not to get skates since I knew I'd need to be more stable to hold kids up - that was a very smart decision.) Just as I expected, when Bryce and Caroline stood up they were a bit wobbly but they gave it their best shot.  Piper looked like you would expect a dog in roller skates would look, even on the carpet.  It was a bit of a laugh trying to hold all of their shoes and try and manage to get Piper back over to the birthday party tables.  Thankfully, Bryce and Caroline were happy to try it on their own and didn't want my help because Piper really needed.  Plus, having other kids there they knew was great because they all hung out and were learning together.  All three of my kids are the more careful types in that they tried to maintain control and didn't throw themselves all over the place like some of the other kids that were learning to skate did.  Piper and I started first with doing a lap around the carpeted perimeter of the rink.  It took a long time to get around the first time with lots of breaks and lots of hanging on my hand.  But after a few more times around she was confident enough to skate on her own in front of me and wasn't falling down at all.  She even attempted skating in the rink while holding my hand from the perimeter.  Quite honestly, I was amazed at her progress in such a short time. I was so proud of her for not getting frustrated or giving up - she had a smile on her face almost the entire time and barely took any breaks. I really do believe that Piper has natural athletic ability that my other kids don't have.  (We're trying to convince her to play soccer in the fall, but not sure that she's interested.)

Bryce and Caroline did well too and also didn't get frustrated or give up.  Caroline was a little down on herself because she wanted to be better but I told her that since they liked it so much, we could definitely go again.  I never considered it because I didn't think they'd all like it and I really didn't even know the place was still open.  It's pretty cheap too and the Sunday afternoon sessions tend to be mostly families so you don't have that teenage attitude problem you might get on a weekend evening.  So I will definitely keep this in mind for a future weekend where we need something to do.  Maybe next time I'll even lace on some skates...not so sure that I could get Jason to do the same though.  HA!

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