Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday Sickies

Laying in bed just having woken up on Sunday morning, I thought I heard a weird cough that almost sounded like someone was throwing up.  But there was no rapid movement associated with it so I didn't really think anything of it and that perhaps Bryce was doing one of weird asthma-like, allergy coughs.  Well, within a few minutes Bryce came in to tell us he had indeed thrown up.  He had woken up and gone and gotten in bed with my mom to snuggle (his favorite) and all of a sudden he felt the urge and managed to make it into her trash can and then continued into the toilet.  Thankfully no messes to clean up and that there was no undigested food in his while that's a small victory, I was wondering what made him throw up.  He said he felt okay now and I just hoped that maybe it was a random thing because he can't get ANOTHER stomach virus within a week of recovering from another one, right?


He went down and laid on the couch and within an hour was throwing up again.  Clearly whatever hit him hit him late in the night because his belly had time to digest dinner before getting sick.  This was NOT the case with the last virus and made it ever so much more disgusting.  He threw up every hour or so for most of the morning.  Poor kid had a terrible case of the dry heaves.  I wiped the tears from his eyes as he stood there.  Broke my heart.  And while I felt sad for him, I was RAGING inside.  Raging.  How can we have another stomach virus in our house?  Didn't we pay the piper for the last one?  The last one lasted 5 days in all the people who had yet.  Yes, I was spared but it resulted in missing 3 days of work and having very sick kids in a cramped living space.  I couldn't believe our "luck."

Bryce continued to lay on the couch and refused even ice chips.  I wasn't terribly worried since it seemed this stomach bug was only of the barfing variety and I knew his gut needed a rest.  He last threw up before noon and he slept off and on for a few hours complaining of boredom and feeling rotten.  Finally, after 3pm and lots of complaining about his head hurting (probably mild dehydration) we started putting pressure on him to eat ice chips to see if he could keep them down.  He did and we then moved onto some Coke and then onto Jello.  By dinner time he even ate half an English muffin and more Jello.

Whew, this seemed to be the "normal" stomach bug variety that is fairly short lived!!!  After having what we had last time, I could not have handled another lingering one.

But even though it was short lived, I've always said the worst part of the stomach bug (so long as your child recovers quickly and isn't horribly sick) is the suspense and dread that goes along with it.  How long will it last?  Who else will get it?  If someone else is going to get it WHEN will they get it?  As a parent that is a lot of limbo.  Especially living with my parents and having all 3 kids in the same room and in a bunk bed situation.

I told Jason last night as I was getting into bed that I feel like we did the best we could to to prevent the spread of it.  Caroline and Piper stayed away from Bryce and played outside most of the day.  Every time Bryce got sick, I wiped everything down with Hydrogen Peroxide Lysol wipes that are supposedly one of the best for stomach viruses.  And then my mom and I had a glass of red wine with it might help prevent it in adults.  (Good reasoning, huh?)

But with all that stomach virus suspense in our heads, neither Jason or I slept very well last night.  Piper, who was overly tired from all of her outdoor activity, was a restless sleeper and kept talking/crying in her sleep.  She knocked on the wall to be covered back up (ugh!) and then kept making noises to keep the other two kids awake.  Of course that made Jason and I wonder if she was getting sick.  Every little noise had us going to check since finding her covered in vomit almost 2 weeks ago still has us a little uneasy.

I fell asleep sometime after midnight and Jason after 1am which is NOT good when you wake up around 4:30.  (I was lucky to sleep until 6am.)  Needless to say we are dragging today but hopeful neither girl will fall.  But they will both be sleeping with trash cans or barf buckets in their bed for the next few days.

Hoping the new house is stomach virus resistant.  As a parent you know stomach viruses are just par for the course and generally when you get over one you figure it will be a while before you are hit again. Here's hoping that means we'll get a long respite this time.  Is there such thing as stomach virus karma?  Because if so, we should be bullet proof for at least 2 years.

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