Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Preview Night

Yesterday afternoon one of our new neighbors sent me a message to tell me that they were doing our landscaping and sod.  I was so excited because seeing those things in place will really give the house its finished look.  I loaded the girls up after dinner (Jason and Bryce had baseball practice) and we headed over.  When we drove into the neighborhood, Caroline spotted a swarm of kids but most importantly, she spotted Rachel.  Rachel is 9 years old and the two of them hit it off when they met back in the fall.  She's seen her a few times since then but haven't gotten to play in a long time.  I pulled up to the house and Caroline couldn't get out of the car fast enough.  The girls ran over the play with the kids and I walked around the house to check it out.  The sod was only half done but the landscaping was done:

Apparently they spent most of the day "combing" the soil with a machine to get a lot of the rocks and debris out of it.  Thank goodness!

The landscaping out front looked nice in the sense that the mulch and shape looked good but I'm not so sure about the bushes.  I like the boxwoods along the back and the flowering bush, but along the front are these weird bushes with stickers on them!  And then there are some junipers that are extra sticky - just like I took up from the old house that the builder put down.  This time at least I have the foresight to rip them out soon after we move in before they get rooted and replace them with bushes I actually want growing there.

After that, I walked over and joined the girls who were happily playing with neighbor kids.  Piper has a new 4 year old friend, Bella, who she hit it off with.  Rachel had to go home so Caroline took on the role of mini-babysitter and was helping all the little kids on the swing set and sandbox.  It was adorable.  The two little boys (aged 3 and 2) were following her around like puppies.  Their parents were overjoyed as we were able to stand in the front yard and just talk uninterrupted!  I told them this was a preview of our summer since the weather was so warm and the kids were out playing like the day would never end. 

 However, the day was coming to an end and I told the girls we had to get back to Bertie's.  They weren't happy but the neighbors used that opportunity to call their kids in too so that meant there was nothing they were missing.  We walked back to the house and the girls wanted their photo taken up on the front porch.  It was the first time we've seen the house somewhat lit up at night.  Kind of pretty....

I know the girls will probably beg me to go back tonight or this weekend - they just felt so at home there which makes my heart happy.  I forget how friend deprived they've been these past few months but I also think that having this time without any other kids around and in such close quarters with each other that they've learned to play together better.  I hope that they don't lose that in the new house.  13 days....

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