Friday, April 05, 2013

Sickety Sick Sick!

On Wednesday night at around 11pm just as I was going to sleep I heard Piper cry out in the next room.  I opened the door and was hit with the smell of vomit.  It was everywhere.  She hadn't made it to the bucket at the bottom of her bed.  Bryce was in the trundle to the side below her and was pissed that she woke him up.  I was so mad about his attitude.   Piper was covered in barf and was crying and could not be consoled. We were trying to strip her bed but Bryce was being difficult saying he wouldn't move.  After we got Piper's barf clothes off of her, my mom sat and cuddled her while Jason and I cleaned up.  We decided to put Bryce in bed with Jason, I slept in Piper's bed and Piper was going to sleep on the trundle for closest access to a barf bucket.  Caroline and my mom went down to sleep on the couch together.  Thank goodness they did because Piper was sick every 15-30 minutes until 6:30am.  It was a rough night.  After the first three times of barfing though, she finally started making it into the barf bucket.  (Of course after those first three times, she didn't have much in her stomach.)  Something about this particular virus is a bit violent.  It just kind of shoots out of you.  YUCK!!  She also started with diarrhea in the middle of the night but thankfully that was fairly short lived.

Jason stayed home (worked from home) and so did my mom but she was sick now too.  I felt okay but my stomach felt off which could have been from a lack of sleep or getting sick - I couldn't tell.  Piper had a few more vomiting incidents through the day but was able to keep some sips down.  Later in the evening though she woke up from a long nap, gulped some Gatorade and then sat on my lap.  All of a sudden she was spewing Gatorade everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  Including directly in my face.  Did I mention some got in my mouth?  OMG.  All I could do was laugh.  Seriously.  This was happening.  I took Piper up for a bath (washed my face) and then got a shower myself while Jason cleaned up.  I'm glad it was just Gatorade.

Bryce still isn't himself either.  No appetite and when we had pancakes for dinner (it was all I could muster), he barely ate one and then was complaining of a stomachache.  He barfed again.  Since Monday (when he was truly sick) he has barfed once a day since then.  WTH?  

So I am home from work again today (Jason went in) and hoping for only people getting better.  I thought maybe Caroline was getting sick but she woke up feeling fine.  My stomach doesn't feel right again but I still have no idea what that means.  Caroline has a birthday party tomorrow and I am hoping she will stay healthy because she is looking forward to it.  Poor kid has had a HORRIBLE spring break just sitting home with her sick siblings - I feel really bad about it.

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