Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Bryce had a rough day.  More diarrhea and more throwing up.  In fact he last threw up last night around 7:30.  I was starting to worry it was going to last into the night but we got him into bed and he slept all night until 5am.  He came into bed with me complaining of a headache so I told him he needed to keep some Gatorade down before we could try giving him any medicine.  Thankfully he took a bunch of gulps of Gatorade and went back to sleep and woke up at 6am with me saying he felt better.  Whew.  Jason decided to stay home today since we weren't sure what his status would be and we didn't want to expose Jason's parents.  Bryce has had some toast and says his whole body feels better.  He was having a lot of stomach cramps yesterday and was just miserable.  And while I'm glad he's on the mend, now we sit and wait for the aftermath.  Will it spread?  If so, who is getting it and when?

Because of the way the kids are all sleeping in one room, Caroline and Piper would have no speedy way to get out of bed and make it to the bathroom.  In fact, if either one of them got sick in bed it would be a huge mess and would probably involve splattering barf on another kid in the room.  And if not that worse case, there is no way a middle of the night barfing incident would NOT wake up the other kids in the room like we were able to avoid when Bryce was sick since he sleeps on the trundle.  So with that in mind, both girls now have buckets and towels at the foot of their bed.  I am not messing around here.  Caroline's bed is hard to change in the middle of the day, let alone the middle of the night with barf on it.

Maybe my precautions will mean that neither of them get sick.  Let's hope so.  But I am keeping those buckets there for at least another week.  Incubation for stomach viruses are generally only a few days but since you never know what surfaces could be infected, I'm not thinking we're in the clear for a while yet.

I am back at work today and not feeling good myself although it's from the cold that Piper and Bryce are getting over and not a stomach virus. (Yet.)  It's kind of a lousy way for the kids to spend spring break.  Jason said the girls are bored.  I expected that.  It's not very warm out.  We really did expect to be in our house by spring break and didn't really plan for this week.  And since Jason and I are taking off a whole week at the end of April for moving, taking off now (planned vacation as opposed to sick time) is not happening.

Just like last week when I said to Jason that it was a good thing we weren't moving that week because of the snow and bad weather, I am saying the same thing about this week because of the sickness.

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