Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Over It

I think Piper is finally better.  She was still not herself yesterday and didn't go to school (she missed her Easter party, sniff sniff) but it was good that she was able to rest some more.  I suspected that she might be hitting her day 6 recovery when last night after dinner (which she barely touched) she ate 5 pieces of graham cracker with peanut butter and her personality seemed to be coming back.  Then this morning when I came up from getting a shower, she was sitting and watching TV and asked for more graham crackers with peanut butter.  She's had no appetite for a week so this is a big deal!  She scarfed those down and seemed more like Piper again.  Hopefully, she'll be rebounding more today with my MIL and this nice weather.

Speaking of which, I ran out last night and bought some short sleeved shirts from Kohl's for Jason and I to weather these next few warm days.  It really was so nice going outside yesterday evening to warmth and for it not to be chilly this morning.  Although it made me realize that Jason and I don't have light jackets to wear. HA!  Thankfully the kids each have a zip hoodie to wear.  Gosh, I miss my clothes.

I swung by the house last night when I was out and was hoping to see some progress outside (sod or finished porch pillars and rails) but no.  They've got a week and a half before our final walk through and I think they have given themselves ample time to get it all done.  I am still convinced we could have settled earlier this month.  It was nice driving through the new 'hood seeing so many people out washing cars, playing with kids and doing general outside things.  Can't wait to be one of them.  The kids bikes and scooters will definitely be coming over early in our moving process because it will give them something to do while we unpack.  I have a feeling they are going to be all over that neighborhood quickly.

As I was leaving (which I hate doing!), I stopped and said hello to a family that we met a while back that has two kids.  They asked when we settled and when I told them they asked when we were moving in and I said "THE NEXT DAY!"  For some reason that surprised them.  I guess not everyone moves in right away.  As much as I like the idea of painting before we move in, doing it ourselves would take too long and after all these months of waiting, we cannot wait one.more.day.

Oh and I am now trying to pick similar colors of Behr paint to paint our interiors.  I was originally looking at Sherwin Williams because we thought we were going to use that painter all of our neighbors had used and he was an SW guy.  But now since we're going to do a lot of it ourselves (at least the upstairs rooms) I am going through Behr colors.  We painted every single room in the old house with Behr and always had a great experience.  The one room we didn't use Behr for was a disaster, so since we know what has always worked for us,  I think we'll stick with it.  Behr doesn't have as great of a website though and their color app isn't compatible with my phone (um, it's a brand new phone....clearly their technology is behind).  But when Jason and I were at Home Depot the other night I raided their paint chips and I picked out the colors for the kids' rooms that were very similar to the ones they'd picked out from SW.  I'm still not sure about the downstairs colors but I think we'll wait to get a painter before deciding and not knowing what kind of paint they'll prefer to use (if any).

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