Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Week

One week!!  Today is my last "homeless" Wednesday!  This time next week, I will be off for a week and ready to move, move, move!  I was talking to a woman I work with yesterday and she laughed and said all the times she has moved, she has lost like 5-6 pounds.  Heh, I told her that would be excellent since I have gained some weight since we moved out of our old house.  Blech!

Starting to do all the typical "moving" tasks like forwarding your mail via USPS, changing magazine subscription mailing addresses, and updating the school.  I won't change my address with work until Monday, just in case.  One of our first tasks we'll do after settlement is to go to our post office and get our keys to our mailbox.  Good old USPS is cutting down on individual mail boxes - did you know that???  Although I guess when you're BILLIONS of dollars in debt you have to do something besides just cutting Saturday delivery service.  Our builder was not pleased but I guess there's nothing they can do about it as it's a federal decision.  Thankfully, our mailboxes are centrally located and will be on our way into the neighborhood so we'll just drive by.  Plus, really, other than junk and a few magazines, we really don't get that much regular mail anymore...Christmas being the exception.  I am sure at first it will be a novelty for the kids to walk over and get it.  I don't expect that to last long.

I also hope to get some photos outside of the house this weekend (hopefully with the kids) so that I can make up our "We've Moved" cards.  I didn't do Christmas cards this year intentionally planning to do these instead.  I love getting Christmas cards but I also know that we get so many that time of year, you kind of get saturated with them.  I remember reading online a few places the suggestion of doing a mid-year greeting instead.  Or even a New Year's or this case, a new house greeting.

Kids are excited to say the least!  In fact, if you start talking to them about it they get kind of worked up.  It's so funny because Caroline tells EVERYONE that "settlement is April 24 and then we will be moving the days after that."  I love that she's using the term "settlement" to tell even her friends about it.  Totally cracks me up.  Bryce just knows that is the day we get the keys and the day he finally gets to go inside.  I am planning on taking video of the first time they get to go in.  I can't wait!   If it's anything like when we arrive at a new beach house and how they scatter and all you hear are loud Ooooos and Ahhhhs, it will be pretty funny.  Caroline keeps saying that it's going to be like going on vacation.

In many ways having to wait for this house to be completed has made the proposition of living in a new house more exciting.  We've been deprived of our stuff and space and while in a comfortable environment, it has given us the time to really, truly miss things - things that we will have genuine appreciation for when we move in.  Had we moved directly from our old house into the new house, we still would be happy but I don't think we'd appreciate it as much.  I've missed having a spacious bedroom and a master bath.  I've missed having my own kitchen that is organized by my own preferences.  (Not that my mom's kitchen isn't completely sufficient and nice - it's just not my organization!)  I've missed having space for our stuff and I've missed our stuff.

Although one thing that is amazing to me is how much stuff Caroline has accumulated since moving into my mom's.  Seriously, the child is on track to become Sanford and Son.  Last night, I counted 4 notebooks/writing pads just sitting on my mom's computer desk that are hers.  All of them only have writing/drawing on a few pages.  That doesn't count the ones stashed on a shelf.  She has countless numbers of crayons, markers, and pencils.  How does a child accumulate so much stuff!?!  She throws nothing away!  I am almost afraid to unpack the boxes that I packed up in September to declutter the house from her room.  I don't think she's missed most of it which is why I hope to get their rooms largely unpacked when they aren't there.  And it's another reason why I am very happy that a house is still being built across the street and we will have easy access to a dumpster!!!

One of my resolutions in the new house will be to stop keeping things that we don't need.  Either we need them or we don't - the stuff we don't need will be donated or disposed of quickly.   Thankfully we no longer have any baby stuff (thank you Lily and Harper) and the kids seasonal clothes can be kept in their closets because they are so big.  I'll just need to get on a regular cycle with Disabled Vets or Purple Heart since that always spurs me to get rid of stuff too.

So next week!  Next week!  2 days until walk through too!

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