Monday, April 01, 2013

NOT April Fools

Bryce complained of a stomach ache last night at bedtime but based on how much candy he ingested yesterday, we figured that was all it was.  Well, the joke was on us because at 3:30am he walked into our room holding a trash can full of barf.  Fortunately a lot made it into that can but not all of it.  There was still quite a bit on the floor of his room.  And because all three kids are in that room, trying to clean it up without waking everyone was a feat.  And true to form, Bryce can't stop talking when he's upset about something.  Shh!!!!!

Thankfully, he only threw up 2 more times after that and has kept a Coke down but I can't say things are going well from the other end.  Thinking back, when the poor kid gets a stomach bug, he has never thrown up that often but has had long bouts of diarrhea that he does NOT handle well.  Even at 7 it really upsets him.  My mom's house does not smell very good today.  Thank goodness we can open windows.  

My worst fear of living at my mom's has come true....the dreaded stomach virus.  3 kids, 1 room, and my parents.  I do not want them to get sick and of all weeks....spring break when the kids are all home.  I don't want my IL's to get exposed either.  Bryce was around everyone yesterday but thankfully he did not handle the twins because of his cold.   The kids were supposed to go to my IL's again on Wednesday night but I am already thinking of cancelling that plan since the kids have come down with stomach viruses there before and I do not want to infect their house.  

I am already planning on putting a trash can on Piper and Caroline's bed for the next week since both of them do not have the ability to quickly get out of bed (C is on the top bunk and Piper has Bryce in the trundle right to the side of her).  Why do we always get stomach viruses in early spring?  WHY WHY WHY?  And while we rarely get a stomach bug that goes through all 5 of us, without fail, I am the one that always gets it.  No matter what.  Ew.  

I feel like dead woman walking.....sweet.  At least we're not at Disney World or moving this week, right?  

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Erin said...

I actually learned last year that last march and early April IS stomach virus season! Who knew? And I have a friend who WAS in Disney this last week and all three of her kids got it. UGH!!!