Sunday, April 28, 2013

New House Happy

Just a few photos from the past days.  Things are looking better thanks to visits from my wonderful parents and in-laws.  I've been working my tail off too but their supplementary help (pantry organization, kids clothes putting away, and other similar tasks) have been priceless.  We are exhausted but happy.  So happy.  I am in love with this house.  Utter love.  This is our "me" house.  I couldn't have picked anything more perfect for our family.  Yes, lots of adjustments will need to be made in the coming days, weeks, and months, but it's such a great place to get started.  The kids are happy.  I feel like we've hardly seen them because they are outside constantly with new neighbor friends.  It's truly wonderful.  Jason and I are enjoying our new neighbors too - it's delightful.  

 More photos coming.  But we are here and moved in although about 1/3 of the big storage unit still needs to be emptied.  I am running out of steam!!

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Katie said...

All those cozy beds make me want to take a nappy wappy.