Monday, April 22, 2013


Piper woke up this morning and said her body hurt "all over!"  She was mostly acting normal but said her head hurt.  I gave her ibuprofen and my mom said she was fine the rest of the morning.  We guessed it was soreness from skating yesterday especially since it was a full body workout for her considering she was gripping my arm a lot and hanging.  Bryce said he felt sore too.  However, she got home from pre-k and said  she just wanted to snuggle up on the couch in a blanket and eat warm tomato soup.  Yes, it's colder then it should be in late April (I guess Mother Nature took my pleas a little too seriously about not getting too warm since we don't have our summer clothes.) but that's not my Piper.  She even told my mom she was too achy to eat her snack at school.

My mom took her temperature and it was 100.7 and then she went to sleep after having another dose of ibuprofen.

My mom said she's rebounded and has been eating a bunch but I'm not convinced that she's truly over whatever it was.  Kids get these weird sleepy, fever viruses from time to time so I'm wondering if that is what it is.  Of course, this isn't the greatest timing considering what is coming up this week.  But, I will take a sleepy fever virus over a stomach bug ANY DAY!!!

And poor Bryce, while he's not sick again, is in the midst of the oak pollen peak.  Thankfully, so far we've been able to keep his eyes from going totally flaming red but he'll have beginnings of his asthma cough and his eyes will start to itch and we'll treat him right away.  Hoping to avoid a short course of steroids again as the allergist was hopeful might be possible this year due to 6 months of allergy shots.  We'll see. Our new house should be pretty pollen free since it's been closed up but I had hoped to open it up and let the breezes blow through to get the new carpet smell (and whatever comes with them) out.  But that might not be the best option for the dude.

April has been a rough health month for the kiddos.  Livable but I'm ready for a warm, sick-free May.

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