Monday, April 08, 2013

Long 2 Weeks?

I was NOT pleased this morning to hear the weather that it is going to be like 80 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday and maybe even on Thursday.  We said SPRING, Mother Nature.  NOT summer.  C'mon now.  You can't go from barely 50 degrees to just can't.  Any other year I'm sure I wouldn't care.  I'd probably be doing a dance.  But when I look at my closet full of winter clothes, I cringe.  The forecast does say that it's going to turn back into spring temps by the end of the week/weekend, so I'm happy to see that.

The kids should be fine as my mom got them each some spring/summer clothes for Easter and I got them each a few things too.  Jason and I on the other hand are NOT prepared.  I have one semi-grubby t-shirt for around the house and one professional looking short sleeved work shirt.  Over the weekend they weren't forecasting temps quite to the 80's for the week but I took it upon myself to place an order on JCP with the gift card my grandmother gave me for Christmas (Thanks, MeeMaw!).  Of course none of that will arrive until this mini-warm wave is gone.  I am contemplating running down to Kohl's tonight and buying Jason a few polos  and me spring time work shirt or two since all of our spring attire won't be reachable in storage until Thursday, April 25.   Just another thing that keeps making me think how draggy these next 16 days are going to be.  But yes, it's ONLY 16 days.  And we seem to be getting over this virus.  Piper didn't go to school today but I think she'll make it on Wednesday.

Hoping to make plans to be out and about this weekend too as this past week stuck at home with sickies was trying.

Movers are booked and we continue to move ahead.  We are almost there.  I think my parents are ready to get their house and space back too so I can imagine they are feeling similarly in some ways (and I totally understand).

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