Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just About Done

Jay and I stopped by Friday evening to see the house since I hadn't seen it since the sod was finished.  Thanks to the drenching rain yesterday, we know our sod shouldn't be thirsty for a short bit.  The builder will continue to water it for us until settlement but everything I've read said those first two weeks are critical for moisture so I'm glad for the April showers right now.  

The house is almost 100% done.  The only nagging thing right now is the final trim on the front porch including the top of the pillars and the rails.  When we stopped by the sales office we found out why - the "trim guy" has been out sick for a while and the construction manager didn't know why he wasn't coming in.  I was glad to find that that was the only reason it wasn't done but I just want the house to look finished!  Those ugly top parts of our pillars are making me crazy every time I look at it.  But still, it's hard to believe that this is almost the finished product.  The sod makes it looks so pretty!

We also finally got our pole light!  I love that all the houses in our neighborhood have them.  We had wished we had one in the old house but I remember it was some ridiculous extra cost.

They even had replaced the broken master bedroom window and put in the screens.  One of our neighbors told us that they generally don't replace broken windows until all the contractors are done on the inside for fear of anything being rebroken, so that means we are just about complete inside too.

All that seems left (to us) is the front door needs to be painted and general clean up.  Our final walk through is on Friday. (I love that I don't have to say "next Friday" or "in 2 weeks"....I can just say FRIDAY!!!!)  This is going to be the longest week ever!  Must keep busy.

Next Saturday afternoon there is a homeowner event at the model and we'll probably go to that to see some people we haven't seen in a while.  Maybe even try and take some of our friends who are thinking of buying in the same community.

There are just so many things in my head that I want to do after we get in.  It's hard having this running list and not being able to do anything yet.  We are definitely going to be putting it in a shed this summer but that will wait a short bit since I'm fine with not parking in the garage right away with it being spring and the thoughts of frost are behind us.

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