Thursday, April 18, 2013

Head Bump

I was finishing up putting the kids to bed last night.  Bryce was in our bed reading, Caroline was downstairs having her usual "Bertie Time," and I was reading a book to Piper in her bed.  She is on the bottom bunk and after we finished the book, I told her she needed to go and use the bathroom before I tucked her in.  While she was in the bathroom, I leaned over the bed (the bottom bunk) and was straightening the blankets and rearranging the stuffed animals and then I quickly stood up and WHAM!  I hit my head.  HARD.  Very hard.      I fell right to the floor.  I didn't black out but I couldn't get up - it hurt so bad!  I cried out it hurt so bad and Piper came running.  They both asked if I was okay and when I said no, instead of immediately thinking, "I should get help!" Bryce came over and kind of laid down on top of me in a kind of hug.  I know he thought he was comforting me and I wasn't laying there unconscious or bleeding so I guess he didn't realize I wasn't messing around.  I told him to get off and get Daddy.  They both went running downstairs and Jason was upstairs in a matter of seconds.  I guess my mom told Bryce to get an ice pack out of the freezer and the next thing I hear is Bryce arguing with Jason about how quickly to get upstairs with the ice pack.  I guess Bryce was trying to wrap it up in a towel as he was walking up the steps and thereby slowing the process down.  Finally, the ice pack arrived and I just laid there with it on my head and took deep breaths.

I laid there for about 5 minutes breathing.  I couldn't believe I was crying - tears were just falling out of my eyes...I don't cry over boo boos!  I was kind of in shock.  I had a big bump forming on the right back side of my head.  Finally, I sat up.  Caroline was right there sitting by me - she hadn't said a word but she was obviously very concerned.  Jason helped me to stand up.  No double vision, no nausea, just feeling shaken up and pain in the back of my head.  I went right to the medicine cabinet and got some ibuprofen.

Miraculously, bedtime was a snap.  No one complained.  No one cried.  No one engaged in any monkey business.  They just went to bed like they are supposed to.  Wow.  They knew I felt bad and it wasn't a joke.  I made it downstairs, made the kids lunches for today and then sat on the couch for over an hour with an ice pack on my head which really seemed to help.

I slept really well (no one woke up in the night either which has been a pattern the past few weeks!) but when I woke up and got moving, I realized I still didn't feel great.  I kind of felt like I was in a fog and my head hurt.  3 ibuprofen later, it's still not much better.  The lump is smaller but very tender.  I just feel like a bit of a zombie.  Of course everyone says to go home but with the schedule of the next week (off tomorrow for walk through and then off Wednesday for a week), I just don't feel like I can.

Jason jokingly told me that I can't be injured - he needs my man power next week for moving.  He's right - we are a pretty good team when it comes to moving our stuff.  In fact, last night before my injury, I got all the stuff stashed around the house that we've been accumulating collected in the basement.  I even got our new sheets from our new bedding set washed.  YAY!

So hopefully this is the last injury/illness of the days leading up to the big move.  We need all hands on deck!

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Katie said...

you could have concussion. take it easy this week.