Friday, April 19, 2013

Final Walk Through

And just like that the final walk through has been completed!

I was looking forward to this morning but I wasn't overly excited because I knew I'd have to leave and wait 5 more days to come back.  But I was happy to see the floors and carpets uncovered and the whole package together.  We went through the house with blue tape looking for nail pops and other marks on walls.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  The "big" things still to be done are under cabinet lights installed (back-ordered but should be in by Wednesday), basement light fixture installed (also back-ordered but should be here by move-in), a new basement door, and a replacing sod patches where it has already died.

Standing there listening to all the instructions was difficult - I just wanted to run around the house opening doors and roll on the carpet.  It was hard to focus.  Jason was much better than I was.  It was good he's so tall too as he could reach to put blue tape on marks on the ceiling (at least upstairs).

The hardwood floors just look so amazing.  I love the feel of the whole house and I cannot wait to live there!!

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