Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Disney Fever

Aside from all this house excitement, Jason and I have a full on case of Disney World Fever.  We cannot wait to plan our next trip.  It doesn't help that exactly a year ago we were in Disney added to the fact that we have a few friends that are there right now as well.  It just makes us want to go back...NOW!

Obviously we're not going back this year so we are sticking to our plan of going back in spring 2015.  Caroline will be 11, Bryce 9, and Piper 6 1/2. 

Who else is ready to plan their next Disney trip?!?!?  I'm already waiting for BCPS to post their 2014-15 academic calendar so we know when their spring break will be.   Jason already spends too much time on the Disney website figuring out things he wants to make sure we do the next time.  The exciting part about going in 2015 is there are still a lot of changes that will happen.  The 7 Dwarves Minetrain will be opening in 2014 so the newly expanded Fantasyland which we only saw from afar in 2012 will be completely finished.  

We're tentatively planning to stay in Port Orleans, Riverside again because they accommodate families of 5 without making it a bigger (more expensive) room and we loved staying there last year.   We hope to perhaps go for one extra day next time and make sure our arrival flight gets there early and our departure flight leaves late!  

No strollers next time either!  

I cannot wait to start planning again!!    I really want to eat at the new Be Our Guest restaurant along with ride the new Little Mermaid ride.  We'll skip Fantasmic (I didn't think it was that great) and Bryce and I can ride all of the roller coasters together.  Maybe Piper too.  :)    Bryce and Piper are already talking about going again but Caroline is on the fence depending on her mood.  I think in her heart she wants to go but she's trying to be a weirdo sometimes and says she doesn't like Disney.  Yeah, a weirdo.


Erin said...

Since you have time to research it, you might want to look into how much it is to one-time-rent DVC points and stay in one of the villas. Having a washing machine and a kitchen would change your disney life!! ;) I'm sure I preached about this last time you planned, so I'll step off the soapbox now! :)

We are in planning mode here... although I am still a little scared of how hot it's going to be in August!! Yikes!

Katie said...

This sounds like an invitation for the Davies family to join! No need to twist my arm! I'll go again and that is the same year we want to go back. My sister is going in May and renting a DVC property, so I will see how it works for her. We've always gone in winter, but I'm open to the idea of Spring Break, although that is usually our time for Charleston. The Presidents Day week is good for us too b/c HoCo does the half-day teacher conferences that week and it is a short week.

Erin said...

I think the points are pretty reasonable to rent... paying cash for a DVC resort though is purposely meant to be sort of cost-prohibitive... so points rental is the way to go. Hopefully that's what your sis is doing, Katie! (I'd assume actually... not sure I know anyone who has ever paid the cash/per-night rate for DVC)

Erika said...

Can you still do a meal plan with a DVC? I ask because Jason LOVED the meal plan. The "all inclusive" feel and the fact that we were able to score free dining. Is that even possible if you do a DVC rental?

Katie said...

I think she is renting points at ak lodge villas ? i will check.